TechRules: Financial Insights that Spell Wealth

Jaime Bolivar, Managing Director, TechRulesJaime Bolivar, Managing Director
As more people enter the digital world, professionals in the financial industry are feeling the crunch, and companies in the arena are now seeking to gain momentum, but how? TechRules, a Fintech solution vendor, has all the answers; the organization is a market leader in the wealth management space and offers multiple solutions to answers all of the issues individuals in the financial arena face. Its flagship platform, Tower is regarded as the key to attaining complete insight on investment data, and a gateway for its clients to gain clear communication with their customers. Besides, Tower, TechRules, deploys another platform called Robo Advisor, a flexible solution that lets its users build their own automated counsel, and enables them to make business decisions.

TechRules employs a workforce of highly skilled experts from the financial sector and they have empowered it to develop solutions further and escalate productivity. In turn, this has led to the firm gaining momentum by adding to its already diverse customer base, and enhancement of its global consulting services. The products that TechRules deploys can be integrated at client bases easily, and are available as individual products or as an integrated wealth management solution. The fintech solution vendor works alongside significant monetary institutions to ensure the agility and scalability of its wealth management solutions. The platforms that TechRules deploys are API-enabled, and this allows its users to organize their operations and back-office procedures. Clients can create stronger relationships with their customers by providing them with clear insights on how to manage their wealth, and this initiates improved success for both parties through the generation of better revenue in-flow.

TechRules’ flagship platform Tower is regarded as the key to attaining a complete insight on investment data, and a gateway for its clients to gain clear communication with their customers

Presently, the company boasts of having many successful clients all across the globe and this has led to them being selected as one of the best wealth management and fintech solution providers across many venues.

Responsive to its success, an online brokerage company that wanted assistance to develop its next-generation financial project, and was in the process of selecting a highly efficient solution vendor, chose TechRules. The client wanted to offer its customers a highly-customizable commercial advisory service that could be accessed through a mobile device or the internet and allowed for an essential proactive advice structure. TechRules, deployed its Tower platform by directly implementing onto the client’s systems, and executed advanced optimization of financial data to provide top-notch feedback to end-consumers looking to gain profits through investments.

Another area where TechRules excels is in the support it offers its clients after implementation of its platform, besides this agility to assist its clients at all times the firm is also expeditious to respond to its customer requests as well. Most recently, the firm was named in the WealthTech 100 list of most innovative companies in the financial space. TechRules has enjoyed more than two decades of experience serving clients in multiple local and foreign financial markets and going forward; it wants to carry on delivering its excellent solutions that aid clients to grow and attain more profitability.