CORYX: Software for Efficient Asset Management

Uwe Schenk, CEO, CORYXUwe Schenk, CEO
Even though financial institutions across the globe are revamping their operations to compete in today’s digital economy, asset managers have mostly remained digital laggards. However, as shifting investor preferences, changing regulations, and emerging technologies continue to transform the asset and wealth management landscape, banks and asset managers must invest in digitizing their operations and embrace innovative software solutions. To help these banks, asset managers, as well as family offices and institutional investors stay ahead of the curve, Germany-based CORYX offers an advanced and comprehensive investment platform—CORYX iO. The company is an experienced software specialist for professional asset and wealth management, which tailors its platform to meet clients’ unique needs and ensures their overall financial growth.

CORYX iO consists of four distinct products—Amethyst, Sodalite, Emerald, and Carnelian—that have been developed to meet the growing demands of a dynamically active market for intuitive digital asset and wealth management. Each of these products addresses the varying requirements of different user groups. While Amethyst optimizes transaction as well as bulk data processing for banks, Sodalite offers a rebalancing feature to asset managers for productive implementation of investment risk structures. Furthermore, family offices can centrally manage their securities accounts at various banks using Emerald, whereas institutional investors benefit from Carnelian’s ability to analyze holdings, allocate funds, and delineate the order management workflow. The structure of each of these products comprises three modules essential for digital wealth management—business, admin, and tech—that provide the tools required for efficient and goal-oriented work at all levels.

Designed to maximize the return on investment (ROI), all four products under CORYX iO can be modified by adding features in accordance with a client’s field of work. “The flexibility of our platform allows organizations to concentrate on other important business aspects while we cater to all of their IT requirements,” states Uwe Schenk, MD of CORYX. The company not only customizes software solutions for asset managers, banks, and investors but also enables them to optimally utilize their industrial expertise and realize various business goals. “We perceive our partnerships with clients as opportunities to co-create greater business value based on our respective strengths and, in turn, benefit all of their future projects,” elaborates Schenk.

The comprehensive financial know-how and several years of experience of its team members, coupled with the ability to precisely recognize clients’ needs, have helped CORYX succeed. The company offers a 360 degree-service that supports organizations all the way from installation and migration to the realization of their projects. “First, we understand what the client requires, then specify the content and scope of our solutions in a preliminary discussion, and eventually, migrate their assets to CORYX iO,” explains Schenk. The company also ensures that the functions of its platform are effectively communicated to the client by conducting practice-oriented seminars and training sessions along with providing support for change requests and error analysis after the project’s completion. The effectiveness of CORYX iO is reflected in the company’s collaboration with a midsized asset manager who needed to automate the generation of all of their financial reports. CORYX closely analyzed the client’s processes, adjusted a few dates in the reports, performed minor alteration to CORYX iO, and set the asset manager’s processes in operation.

CORYX is continuously enhancing its platform to meet the evolving market requirements and cope with complex processes as well as changes in tax regulations. CORYX iO also features digital asset management, robo-advising, and classic portfolio management. As the provider of a global, multilingual platform that is capable of simultaneously catering to multiple clients, CORYX is looking forward to boosting its sales outside the German-speaking world. With CORYX iO, organizations receive more than just a financial software solution—they get a team that makes their success its number one priority.

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