Britech: Simplifying Investment Management with SaaS

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Yuryi Ferber, Co-Founder & CEO, BritechYuryi Ferber, Co-Founder & CEO Similar to a multitude of industries, the investment management space today is in a period of rapid transition due to shifting investor preferences, growing regulatory developments, and advancing technologies. The ever-growing importance of asset managers—required to support increasing urbanization and cross-border trade – is at its peak. Given changing demographics and markets, asset managers are expected to leverage new technology in ways that will unlock an entirely new level of agility, efficiency, and value. However, due to the lack of a definitive solution that can unify the various tasks of an investment manager, a majority of large businesses resort to legacy systems, such as physical servers, and end-up investing in expensive user licenses and dated-software.

In contrast, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) often buy costly systems to streamline investment management, which is not always a viable option. In various instances, companies prioritize the business-side of its operations ahead of clients’ needs, and subsequently, finance becomes an end in its own right, rather than a facilitator of economic activity. To this end, investors and capital markets must reconnect their work with the aim of using capital to be supportive of societal wealth and well-being.

To emerge as leaders in the market space, companies must invest in creating roadmaps and executing strategies that drive digitalization across the back, middle, and front office. This will allow them to improve operational processes, optimize technologies and eliminate redundancies.

"We start to build our proprietary technology for the investment management realm because companies in this space still lack a SaaS approach to reach their business objectives"

Based in London, BRITech brings forth out-of-the-box software, infrastructure and professional services to reinvigorate the investment management ecosystem and help its clients in steering ahead of market peers. Founded in 2012, the B2B Vertical SaaS FinTech company has witnessed radical growth over the years under the guidance of its founders Yuryi Ferber and James Harrison. The company debut was in mid- 2014 with the first module for Portfolio Management. In the initial days, the firm started addressing the needs of broker-dealers for the Brazilian market, but today the firm serves the entire investment management chain including wealth managers, financial advisors, family offices, fund administrators along with some established Fintech firms.

Being a customer-centric company is part of the core principles we follow at BRITech, and we ensure customer satisfaction by providing a platform for their specific needs

Over the years, the company has acquired over 180 customers across Latin America in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. “We started to build our proprietary technology for the investment management realm because companies in this space still lack SaaS approach to reach their business objectives,” says Yuryi Ferber, co-founder and CEO of BRITech.

With its pure SaaS approach and expertise in serving the entire investment management space, BRITech offers a cloud-based investment management platform to maximize operational efficiency and enhance the scalability of SMEs, brokers, fund managers, wealth managers, financial advisors, family-offices and FinTech firms. “Our platform is built using state-of-the-art micro-services cloud-based to assist SMEs in exploring technological depths and helping big financial firms automate manual processes to improve their economic viability,” adds Ferber. Over the years, big players of the Investment Management ecosystem chose our platform as well, and this gave us the capacity to proof our technology is scalable and can support large volumes.

To ensure superior investment management across its vast and versatile clientele, BRITech’s solution is built with seven modules that include Client Portal& Dashboards, CRM, Billing & Invoices, Portfolio Management System (PMS), Front & Rebalancing, Risk Management, and API. The Client Portal provides a very flexible and configurable dashboard engine that is also the base for all client reports. The CRM offers not only an embedded CRM module but also a robust client onboarding component - consisting of the client’s master file, by which users can include desks, appointments and lead management. The billing module governs the management and performance fees based on the type of customer business, while the PMS offers a portfolio-modelling feature to balance client needs and services, also serving as a possible engine for all portfolio accounting requirements. While BRITech’s Front component is a trade blotter that marks real-time positions of cash flows, along with real-time compliance rules and rebalancing features, the risk module assesses the market and liquidity risk of an investment. Lastly, the APIs allow turnkey connectivity with custodians and legacy systems used by FinTech firms to connect BRITech’s backend to their core systems.

Apart from the comprehensive capabilities of its platform, BRITech has complementary services to ensure the optimum utilization of its SaaS product. The company offers periodic training in tandem with the addition of new functionalities and upgrades to its solution.

Additionally, with its “wealth management as a service” approach, BRITech leverages innovative tools to increase the speed of implementation and provide a turnkey solution. Keeping in mind the demand for faster go-to-market time, BRITech successfully carries out implementations within four weeks for its clients. “Being a customer-centric company is part of the core principles we follow at BRITech, and we ensure customer satisfaction by providing a platform for their specific needs,” explains Ferber.

BRITech’s ability to integrate modern technologies offer technological depth through its platform’s capabilities, and their emphasis on customer success is what sets the company apart in the investment management space. The company prides itself on maintaining a net promoter score of between 80 and 90 percent. “We not only do our best to attract new customers but also put maximum effort into retaining older ones,” states Ferber. In the last year, BRITech achieved a retention score of 125 percent, which precisely illustrates the effect of the company’s focus on customer success.

To exhibit the effectiveness and functionality of BRITech’s solutions— an asset management company required a risk management solution reporting on a single platform that suited to both business and complex regulatory needs. The client has been in the market for more than ten years and manages an approximate of USD1 billion, consisting of more or less 25 families. Following an ‘organized, practical and fast’ deployment, BRITech’s solutions have made processing and information conferencing more agile, improving quality and consistency by reporting deadlines. The client experienced an increase in overall productivity, reduced operational risk and capex, gains on serve redundancy, and an integrated system to market data feeders.

According to Ferber, BRITech is expanding its geographical footprint outside Latin America, venturing into Europe. In its pursuit of achieving this goal, the company is transforming its technical centre in London into a business development office, in order to better orchestrate the deployment of its solution to European markets. The current European client base will grow much faster, according to Raul Tortima, head of global expansion at BRITech, who has been overseeing all market strategies, product localization, and partnerships. The selection process for a European Union COO is in progress, who will hire the team of sales, deployment, and customer success to be structured in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

The company is also aiming to double its recurring revenue by diversifying its clientele and adding new functionalities to the SaaS offering. To conclude, Ferber reiterates the significance of growing BRITech’s clientele: “The geographical expansion is paramount to achieving a consistent revenue flow and continuing to work with our existing clients will help us double our business value year after year.”

- Joseph Michael
    June 11, 2019