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November 15, 2018

Banking CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Cloud services are cost-effective and can be quickly implemented. It enables lenders to use the loan origination software (LOS) without investing in IT infrastructure and space.
Mobile banking can provide various benefits by finding newer ways to solve customer problems and eliminating them.
A KYC utility system based on blockchain technology will enable both the financial and banking sectors to enrich the process of identification.
Featured Vendors
Offers banks an intuitive virtual CFO system, available as an add-on to online banking, to attract more SMB customers.
A software and consultancy organization that specializes in the field of Risk and Process Management.
Icefire designs and builds life-tested systems by leveraging the latest technology to help banking and financial services institutions transform their business.
Provides an advanced, all-in-one, easy-to-use application platform for applications in microservices architecture.
CIO Viewpoint
Chris Johns, CIO, PNC Asset Management Group and PNC Investments
Agile certainly plays a key role in delivering faster by focusing teams on a minimal viable product and delivering value incrementally.
Dr. Michael Gorriz, Group CIO, Standard Chartered Bank
Any Universal Identity System should allow the ownership of personal data to lie with the individual.
CXO Insights
By Jason Kelly, Head of Liabilities and Financial Lines for Greater China, Australasia and South Korea, AIG
The biggest change that companies can make is to shift their cyber strategies from post-breach repair to preemptive avoidance measures.
By Ralf Ohlhausen, Business Development Director at PPRO Group
The more transactions fed into fintech AI fraud detection machines, the rules become simultaneously broader (to identify more suspicious transactions) and more refined (to identify fewer false positives).