Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 22,2020

Feature of the Week

Financial institutions are stepping up their spending on headcount to assist KYC activities. To reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of these KYC processes, the implementation of RPA has a vital role to play.  Read more
With digital banking, users can quickly transfer money or complete payments in the comfort at their home or anywhere without the hassle of standing in line at the bank.  Read more
The reason why financial institutions are interested in KYC technology as a utility is because of the growing customer expectations, innovative technology, and efficient compliance and operations  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Matt Rider, CIO, Information Technology, Franklin American Mortgage Company  
Commitment and curiosity stand front and center as the necessary ingredients for any transformation. You need to engage both hearts and minds to establish the fertile ground from which ideas and change can truly take root.  Read more
By Matt Egyhazy, Commercial Bank CIO and Wilmington Trust CIO, M&T Bank  
The world is in the midst of a radical digital transformation, and everything about everything is changing.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Brad Jarvis, VP & Managing Director IAM Solutions  
A digital banking organization that empowers people to make secure transactions with ease  Read more
By John Jones, President & CEO  
Providing Online Mobile Technology to Community Banks for better customer experience  Read more
By Javier A. Montero, Chief Technology OfficerWilliam Montiel, Director of Marketing & Administration  
Software Development Company dedicated to streamlining business processes for the banking industry  Read more

CXO Insights

By Serkan Fergan, Digital Banking Group Director, TEB  
It has been a colossal quest since scientists started to explore the nature of fundamental forces....  Read more
By Christopher Danvers, Vice President Digital Strategy & Payments at American Airlines Federal Credit Union  
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in ways we hadn’t initially thought were possible; from...  Read more