Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 14,2019

Feature of the Week

Currently, several service providers are considering advancements in ATM technology. Aligning the functionalities and features of ATMs with the needs of the modern user is the idea behind the transformations.  Read more
Banks can minimize credit risks by lowering exposure in several ways. For instance, it's a fact that any industry can be suddenly affected by market conditions. Diversification enables the bank to distribute the risk factor across several industries.  Read more
Having a marketing strategy that leverages behavioral analytics can help consumer banks create a personalized customer experience, which is essential in acquiring, growing, and retaining customers.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Ron Dinwiddie, CIO, Texas Trust Credit Union  
Your customers-members in the credit union world- deserve more. They deserve the best security you can provide for their personal information.  Read more
By Rusty Haferkamp, CIO & EVP, Central National Bank TX  
Mobile, now this is a new trend. There are more mobile devices than people. Mobile is probably the current focal point for us. We've got to offer our services to younger generations at their fingertips.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Chris Kronenthal, President & CTO  
FreedomPay acts as a bridge that links the client's entire existing infrastructure, enabling them to innovate and accelerate product adoption. FreedomPay’s platform acts on detailed data collected across all POS and ERP systems and uses one...  Read more
By Andrew Siden, CEO  
Headquartered in New York, Prepaid Ventures provides financial products and solutions in an emerging payments landscape. In 2009, the company launched NexsCard, a prepaid debit card, that enabled the customers of check cashers to load cash onto a...  Read more
By Gary Palmer, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO  
Payall Payment Systems, a Florida-based financial technology firm develops a revolutionary payment engine that gives banks a turnkey cross-border payment product that exceeds the expectations of modern-day users without disturbing the bank’s...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Jesse Sandoval, SVP & Director of Global Payments, East West Bank  
We began this decade with a high deal noise on how payments would be changing and disrupting...  Read more
By Curtis Webb, Vice President, Emerging Payments - Product Management at Meta Financial Group & MetaBank  
Faster payments allow businesses and payment service providers to push funds to consumers in near...  Read more