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June 13, 2019

Banking CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
The transformations have brought technology into every fold of the banks functioning. An employee has to have digital fluency and the capability to pick up technical skills with ease.
Banks need to portray a more significant role than merely acting as a money-keeping entity. They can provide services focused on lifestyle requirements such as lifestyle goal planning and tracking, spend analysis across financial institutions, need-based in-app marketing, and others.
Blockchain is a reliable and permanent way to record transactions or currency prices of information, it offers the unique opportunity to decentralize record keeping and increase the availability of the stored data.
Featured Vendors
Offers a cloud-based investment management platform to assist financial entities in streamlining their services.
A market leader in the wealth management space, and offers multiple solutions to answers all of the issues individuals in the financial arena face.
Offers wealth management solutions to individuals and financial institutions that provide automation of online investment processes and banking propositions.
CIO Viewpoint
Jan Pilbauer, CIO, Payments Canada
In the world of disaster recovery, leveraging outsourcing wisely can help strengthen resiliency at a lower cost.
Mohan Iyer, CIO, Mesirow Financial
The role of the CIO is to bridge the gap between the two realms, and act as a conduit to bring consumerist innovation into the enterprise environment.
CXO Insights
By Amanda Swoverland, Chief Risk Officer, Sunrise Banks
Regtech can do wonders when it comes to checking off your regulatory boxes. If you're looking to upgrade to a new regtech product, there's a lot to gain, but also a few things to consider, too.
By Masaru Max Kusutani, Head of Digital Innovation, Tokio Marine Holdings
When looking at a startup, we distinguish it into "Enabler" (a player who provides a solution to us) and a "Disrupter" (a new entering player in the same industry using new technology as a weapon).