Novum Partners: Providing Robust Data Analytics Solutions

James Cavallo, Managing Partner, Novum PartnersJames Cavallo, Managing Partner
Data analytics tools and solutions have been an integral part of the banking and financial sector, owing to their vast capabilities in empowering customers to withstand cut-throat competition, market fluctuations, and adhere to regulatory changes. It simplifies complexities in decision making processes to drive in more revenue, control costs, assess risks, and predict customer behavior. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, Novum Partners, a Data Analytics consulting firm, provides solution-based services to the banking and financial sector to equip organizations with the tools and strategies required to maximize their performance.

Novum’s analytics experts have abundant expertise in banking and technology, integrations, and analytics to help businesses achieve new insights in a dynamic banking environment. Novum designs complex banking projects and delivers better, cheaper, and increased time-to-market. “Our analytics platform, analytics engine, and data model are specific to banking dynamics,” says Clint Johnson, Managing Partner at Novum Partners.

Traditionally, the banking landscape deploys generic products, but often many fail in offering an out-of-the-box customer experience. Novum’s solutions concentrate on helping clients unravel potential business opportunities much before they express and deploy the most befitting tools and strategies. This assures increase in customer satisfaction and experience, which is a primary differentiating factor of the company. “We work to create the 'New Bank'—the bank that uses data and analytics for every facet of its business. Our Data Analytics platform gives us the competitive advantage in the market,” Johnson adds.

New Banks use fast, agile analytics solutions to understand the true impact of risk management. Novum brings a new, fresh perception as well as new methods and tools to their banking clients.

“Our approach is to unequivocally focus in building ‘New Banks’ and help on this new paradigm of Big data by increasing sales and marketing and run campaign and gain a whole new perspective on our customers,” asserts Johnson. Additionally, Novum also focuses on improving Risk Behavior. “We help banks improve their risk behavior by better understanding their customers needs through innovation,” states James Cavallo, Managing Partner at Novum Partners. Furthermore, besides data analytics, “our services range from Strategic Marketing, Enterprise Risk Marketing, Government Regulatory and Compliance, and Performance Management.”

In an insightful example, one of Novum's mortgage banking customers approached them to build an analytic engine, based on mortgage market data to get real-time information on the housing market by zip code. Novum worked with them to implement a marketing engine and improved their sales process software. As a result, the customer was able to get better marketing insight, which in turn created new sales opportunities and acquired a positive outcome in their mortgage business.

We work to create the 'New Bank'—the bank that uses data and analytics for every facet of its business

Novum believes in innovation and has made significant investments in R&D programs to design cutting-edge solutions. In their home office, they run virtual instances of key data analytics platforms and tools. “Our staff works closely with the customers to gather deep understanding and acumen on their business and requirements,” claims Johnson.

For the future, Novum plans to expand their line of business in software and services and explore new opportunities in banking and advertising. The company is enrooted towards strengthening its base in the banking sector through the implementation of mobile banking tools to generate sales volume and gather more names in their prestigious clientele