Novantas: Comprehensive Solutions for Distinguished Banking Intelligence

Richard W. Spitler, Co-CEO, NovantasRichard W. Spitler, Co-CEO
With the rise of advanced banking solutions, the needs and preferences of customers are moving at lightning speed. Banks are now seeking to have a constant analysis of the customer behavior in order to build a long term relationship with them. It is at this essential juncture that Novantas comes to the forefront with expertise in the field of customer science and revenue management strategy. Focused on a mission to improve the banks effectiveness in targeting, selling, servicing, the company achieves their goal through its dedicated relationship model and software services. “Our banking friendly solutions make a tangible difference in the revenue performance of the financial institutions,” opens David G. Kaytes, Co-CEO, Novantas.

Novantas provides fully-fledged solutions consisting of advisory services, analytical solutions, data, research and marketing services. “Our portfolio of products and professional services drive significant value for our financial clients by helping them make informed decisions. Our efficient software delivers more value for banks in less time and at a lower total cost,” says Richard W. Spitler, Co-CEO, Novantas. The company specializes in investigating and interpreting the customer’s needs, behaviors in a way that helps banks refine their strategies. This in turn results in a change in service activities that has an immediate effect on the bank’s economic performance.

Playing the role of cornerstone in offering banking solutions, Novantas’ fulfills the call for next generation banking needs. Designed to maximize the productivity in every phase of banking, these solutions help companies achieve significant ROI.

Grasping the logics from thousands of bank shoppers every day, the software produces real-time information for banks to act accordingly.

This helps banks refine their marketing strategies and increase performance through rich datasets. “The lack of depth due to small sampling and out-to-date approach of traditional market research was the major reason that we worked upon and came up with this dynamic solution. We take an enormous sample before coming to a conclusion for our client,” says Spitler. BCM captures data from over 40,000 bank shoppers annually for a typical mid-sized client.

The viable traits of BCM allow banks to refine their Retail Deposit Strategy. “Our solution’s powerful features like real-time dashboard, statistically valid findings, and use of cloud technology culminates in increased productivity,” points out Spitler.

Besides BCM, Novantas caters to its banking clients through a model Market Playbook. This consulting service guides bank in determining the optimum mix of marketing investments in a way that it results in maximum investment payoff. The model intakes various investments of banks such as advertising spend, price promotion, product revenue features and convenience spend. These factors are analytically modeled to give the best mix to attain maximum growth. “Our playbook model helps larger banks to a great extent in managing their complex and costly networks,” conveys Kaytes.

David G. Kaytes, Co-CEO, NovantasDavid G. Kaytes, Co-CEO
“While, every software service provider claims to put the clients need first, we are one among the very few who actually succeed in this goal. All our solutions being highly client-oriented stand as evidences to this,” voices Spitler.

Our playbook model helps large banks to a great extent in managing their complex and costly networks

Moving forward, Novantas desires to continue providing service excellence by combining superior customer insight with rigorous analytics. “With more than 2,000 engagements across the financial industry landscape, we wish to remain dedicated in providing our clients with the highest level of pragmatic solutions in order to support their unique business goals,” concludes Kaytes.