Rolta: Driving True Banking Intelligence through Data Analytics

Richard Coulter, Senior Performance Management Consultant & Associate Practice Director for Financial Services, RoltaRichard Coulter, Senior Performance Management Consultant & Associate Practice Director for Financial Services
Based on more than 20 years of financial services industry experience, Rolta helps banks implement driver-based planning tools that uncover and integrate critical data, enabling bank executives to produce reliable budgets and forecasts and rapidly make intelligent business decisions.

Creating meaningful plans, budgets and forecasts has always been challenging for banks. Historically, many banks’ insights for forecasts and budgets has come from average balance and income. But these numbers represent results, not a plan to achieve them. To achieve true banking intelligence, Rolta Americas helps banks look at the drivers behind these numbers, reviewing critical factors like anticipated new business, the interest spread on that new business, funding credits and charges and the expected interest rate for each of their many product offerings. Rolta Financial Services consultants help banks use these constantly changing dynamics to understand how profitable the enterprise is and how each department and product contributes to earnings.

“I think Rolta’s ability to deliver value to financial services organizations boils down to three things: knowledge, planning, and speed,” said Richard Coulter, Senior Performance Management Consultant and Associate Practice Director for Rolta Americas.“The key to Rolta’s success in serving banks is that before becoming consultants, we were bankers. We get it. Each bank is different, and we take our set of long and deep experiences in financial services to work effectively with each client to plan, build and deliver solutions that really work for them. Using a tailored roadmap approach, Rolta effectively allocates resources for fast time-to-value, linking outcomes to corporate goals.”

Coulter says, banks are challenged to implement data-driven business plans based on strong analytics. Whether for financial close, regulatory reporting, risk management, planning and forecasting organizational performance, or to gain a better understanding

of product, channel, or customer performance and opportunities, financial services companies’ challenges typically reduce down to four key themes:
1. The availability, accessibility, and quality of instrument-level data
2. The completeness, consistency, and flexibility of its master data
3. Master data management practices and processes
4. The use of industry-leading, purpose-built applications supported by best-practice approaches to implementation and ongoing processes
To support banks’ needs, Rolta’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) practice specializes in the implementation of Oracle’s Hyperion suite of EPM tools—Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Management, the newly renamed Oracle Data Relationship Management and Oracle Data Relationship Governance. The company also specializes in supporting the Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) suite of EPM, Risk Management, Compliance, and Customer Relationship Management applications designed specifically for the unique challenges in the banking industry. Additionally, Rolta has practices focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI), as well as a dedicated Infrastructure Group.

Rolta’s expertise in delivering EPM solutions and the technical capabilities of their systems architects and developers have made it the first choice for countless financial institutions. It has helped numerous financial services companies achieve significant competitive advantages. Rolta leads banks through a careful process of evaluation, integration, migration, and measurement.

We don’t just do EPM, we also have practices focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI), and we have a dedicated Infrastructure Group

“I think our expertise and experience speaks for itself,” Coulter said. “We have been a leader in Hyperion implementations for more than 15 years and have a team of world class, senior-level subject matter experts in both functional business areas and the technologies that support them.”