Thomas Gold Solutions: Streamlining Retirement Planning

Brooke Thomas, Founder and Stephen Goldstein, Founder, Thomas Gold SolutionsBrooke Thomas, Founder and Stephen Goldstein, Founder
Retirement planning is becoming a priority for everyone, with individuals frequenting the offices of their financial advisors to enroll into plans that guarantee a stable superannuation. Tasked with the responsibility of helping clients find the best retirement strategy, financial advisors are today looking for an efficient and robust tool that analyzes each individual’s current financial status to offer constructive insights on the most feasible plan. Hitting the bull’s eye in empowering advisors to offer the best retirement solutions for their clients by holistically assessing an individual’s financial status and risks such as job loss or critical ailments is Thomas Gold Solutions, a wealth advisory firm offering state-of-the-art retirement planning software products. “Our comprehensive and user friendly software is highly intuitive and advisors can easily become accustomed to it,” says Stephen Goldstein, founder, Thomas Gold Solutions.

Retirement Analyzer—the company’s flagship offering for financial advisors—is a “cross-selling platform” that fosters lifelong relationships between clients and advisors. The platform analyzes the ingested data such as a client’s job, time of retirement, current assets, and so forth to offer suggestions that serve clients’ best interests. The Pro and Pro Plus versions of Retirement Analyzer feature financial calculators to compute the longevity of the retirement resources using graphs and charts to help advisors explain to clients, the impact of death or hospitalization on retirement resources. Pro Plus features additional functionality that allows advisors to visualize the impact of market returns on a client’s retirement resources.

Listening to our users helps us improve Retirement Analyzer

Before deploying Retirement Analyzer, Thomas Gold Solutions tests the product in a client’s environment to customize it to suit the niche requirements. “We do what our users do, which gives us better insights into what they need,” states Brooke Thomas, founder, Thomas Gold Solutions.

Best-in-class customer support and training programs are hallmarks of Thomas Gold Solutions. Thomas describes the training programs as “product-neutral” that empower advisors and their agents to deliver accurate retirement solutions. The company offers live training in classrooms as well as webinars. Virtual Track Training—a month-long program conducted every quarter—is handled by both Thomas and Goldstein to help advisors understand the advanced features of Retirement Analyzer. Thomas Gold Solutions offers customer support in a multitude of ways such as the Powerline, the company’s dedicated helpdesk, available during the CST business hours. For round-the-clock assistance, advisors can leverage Thomas Gold Talk, a module in the Retirement Analyzer software that allows them to log queries anytime, to which the company’s staff respond quickly. “We don’t stop when our clients get used to the software, but assist them in dealing with various new use cases that they come to us with,” mentions Thomas.

Retirement Analyzer has over 4,000 deployments, serving nearly half a million clients. To enhance the software further, Thomas Gold Solutions is adding a “multi-generational” module that allows advisors to continue their relationship with members belonging to different generations in a client’s family. Goldstein mentions that a client’s demise results in a loss of relationship between the advisor and the client, which can be prevented by making it seamless for the next generation to participate in the program. This idea has been well received by advisors. “Listening to our users helps us improve Retirement Analyzer,” says Goldstein. This dedication toward placing users first, is the impetus behind Thomas Gold Solutions that propels the company toward the pinnacle of success.