BaseVenture: A Modern Solution for Alternative Investments

John Pizzi, CEO, BaseVentureJohn Pizzi, CEO
“At BaseVenture, we are focused on simplifying and modernizing how private funds are administered and managed,” says John Pizzi, CEO of BaseVenture, a software company that is making headway in becoming a key technology partner for the alternative investment industry. BaseVenture has quickly made an impact on the industry by creating technology that helps solve key problems faced by the industry.

There has been a significant global increase in the use of alternative investments as a financial instrument over the past decade. Alternative investments like private equity, hedge, venture, and real estate funds have helped the industry grow to $10 trillion in assets, and is projected to reach $20 trillion by 2020.

Despite this explosive growth, the industry has only recently begun to look at how technology can help. The industry relies heavily on documents to operate as the industry is yet to be modernized. Investors learn about the performance of their investments by receiving static statements instead of being able to view performance metrics in dynamic digital dashboards. This leaves investors with little ability to easily look at their investments over a period and be able to do simple analysis that anyone with a brokerage account at Vanguard, Schwab or others have become used to being able to do.

This lack of modernization hasn’t only affected the investor; it has also affected the stakeholders that are charged with keeping the alternative investment machine running. Fund administrators, private banks, family offices, O-CIOs and others rely on people to manually enter and analyze the performance of an alternative investment. This results in large inefficiency and lost productivity.

We’ve worked hard to make an immediate impact for our customers, and our roadmap is full of more innovative features

BaseVenture has seized on this opportunity by introducing technology-driven innovation. BaseVenture is staking its claim as an innovator through its flagship product called “FundManager. io”. This cloud-based technology helps fund administrators, private banks and others to modernize how they administer and manage private funds. This includes the ability to easily get bulk amounts of performance data & documents into, have the system aggregate and customize those metrics into digital dashboards, and utilize automation for approvals as well as the distribution of data and documents. The result is a modern experience for the investor that gives them the flexibility to analyze their investments digitally, while significantly improving the quality of service that private banks and fund administrators can to provide.

Importantly for private banks, is an API-based technology, which means it can be used to modernize the way that private fund data can flow within the bank. can help a private bank by serving as the system in which investment advisors enter performance metrics for alternative investments. This reduces the need for the private bank to staff their middle offices with teams of people to handle the work of manually entering and aggregating that data. Data in can be ported via API to any consolidated reporting system that the private bank uses. This gives the bank the ability to show alternative investment data alongside brokerage data for a customer, which is seldom seen in the industry today.

“We have worked very hard to build a product that makes a difference in this industry, and we are very encouraged by the traction that we have gained in the market over the past year. Our roadmap is full of features that will see us continuing to help the industry innovate in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago, so we are very excited about our future”, said Pizzi.