Support Financial Resources (Support EXP): Fueling Growth through CX Innovation

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Rhonda Sheets, CEO, Support Financial Resources (Support EXP)Rhonda Sheets, CEO
Over the last 20 years, Support EXP has made game-changing leaps in the financial services sector by anticipating trends and innovating customer retention strategies. This pioneering organization distinguishes itself with breakthrough customer experience management solutions and expert guidance for banks and credit unions. At its heart, Support EXP exists to bring about comprehensive transformations of people, communities, and organizations.

One of the company’s many success stories leading to the recognition it enjoys today is that of Washington, DC-based Andrews Federal Credit Union. Upon partnering with Support EXP, Andrews Federal tracked their initial Net Promoter Score (NPS)® at a disappointing 43. Using Insight Builder, Support EXP’s real-time survey-based solution, they were able to capture and quickly respond to their members’ concerns. Not only did support EXP’s solutions result in a goal-shattering NPS of 72.22, also assisted Andrews Federal in building relationships that drive long-term loyalty and revenue growth. In fact, Andrews Federal gained almost $4 million in new sales revenue attributable to product inquiries through Support EXP’s Opportunity Booster solution.

Andrews Federal was also one of eight Support EXP clients recognized by Forbes in 2018 as “Best in State” in customer service delivery. One of those clients, Barksdale Federal Credit Union in Louisiana, was the top-ranked credit union nationally for customer satisfaction.

“We’ve even seen a client leave us after a change in their executive leadership and come back to us with an even deeper commitment to transformation,” says Rhonda Sheets, CEO of Support EXP. “What they were doing wasn’t working, and they knew we had their best interest at heart. We were not just selling them a solution—we were partnering with them for success.”

“Today, banks and credit unions are expecting to fuel growth through the customer experience,” observes Sheets. “But they are relying on merely incremental changes to their service delivery to get the results they want.” Sheets asserts that incremental and disconnected changes are inadequate to provide a consistently best-in-class customer experience in the face of ever-changing customer expectations. Instead, she contends, “financial institutions should embrace robust solutions that come into the very core of the organization.” Banks and credit unions too often struggle to implement solutions in both front and back office operations, as they are unsure of best practices for meeting their business objectives. Consequently, they tend to adopt traditional or outdated practices that fail to deliver a superior customer experience—leaving them vulnerable to key challenges such as spiraling customer attrition, stagnant revenue growth, operational friction and efficiency, and ineffective employee training efforts.

To overcome such challenges, Support EXP offers its unique expertise to guide financial institutions in serving customers better by gathering and analyzing customer feedback, and then taking impactful action based on the resulting insights. Support EXP’s clients connect with their customers through advanced surveys and targeted, scientifically proven customer evaluations. Then, Support EXP not only provides descriptive, predictive, and distinctly prescriptive analytics of customer feedback but also informs the strategy for operationalizing best practices. “We go beyond analytics and provide holistic solutions and expert guidance for banks and credit unions to leverage insights into their customers’ feedback and pinpoint issues in their service delivery,” says Sheets.

Support EXP is committed to working hand-in-hand with industry experts and forward-thinking clients to develop strategies and solutions that lead to profound and lasting transformations. Most recently, this collaborative approach has produced Talent Booster, an on-demand, self-directed employee learning solution designed to eliminate the many shortcomings of traditional classroom training that result in ineffectiveness. Identifying an industry problem and developing a complete solution like this comes naturally to Support EXP: “I think there's no other way to say it than it’s in our fabric,” Sheets concludes. “It's in our being. It’s what we do.”

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