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Bob Willis,  CEO & President, MPXBob Willis, CEO & President
Customers are at the forefront of any revenue model of a business, and their satisfaction index directly correlates with their loyalty towards the company. In-person or online, customers are evaluating all aspects of their experience with a brand, at any given stage. In the banking sector, customers rarely surface due to the availability of online banking. This trend proves to be a stumbling block while building a rapport with customers as it is challenging to track them. The bottom line, a good engagement is the best outcome while growing a customer base of any business, and it is not possible to have one without tracking customers. Trying to solve this problem, MPX delivers customer experience solutions that are flexible and customizable to fit the requirements of the customers, the business, and the goals of the management. With over 75 years of experience and 450 industry-leading software modules, MPX is flexible and acts upon quickly to any changes while providing solutions to its clients.

When it comes to online budget and price program enrollment, businesses have failed to adapt to it because most of the portals are complicated for the customers to sign up. Customer care representatives utilize almost 15 minutes of their client handling time on such a simple procedure. MPX has partnered with a trusted industry client and come up with a budget and price enrollment module that aims at automating most of these steps during the client enrollment. With fully automated levels and guided pop-ups, MPX’s budget and price program enrollment module creates a contract instantly once the procedure is completed. It tracks the entire history of existing customers, and its dynamic payment calculator automatically updates with any changes in the payment structure.

MPX is capable of integrating targeted marketing or other company messaging system into the customer document handling process

This module includes automated delivery and service reminders, notifications of payment confirmations, convenient payment options of one-time, recurring and scheduled type. This module is a single vendor to manage all the billing, collections and payments.

Portals having a price program enrollment must also have a hedging module. This module helps dealers in managing price risk, trigger financial and physical buys, and assess their shortcomings during the program rollout. But in an era of technology, most businesses are still using spreadsheets for this operation. MPX’s innovative hedging management solution categorizes and tracks all sales at multiple price points, captures cap fees, and notifies during any shortcomings of resource or service. This solution can handle complete reporting function and matches physical and financial hedges using a strike price ladder.

MPX builds device-agnostic web applications with responsive technology and the highest security standards. MPX is also an expert at creating custom workflows for critical document handling such as bills and invoices. These workflows are automated and improve efficiency and quality of processes. Audits procedures are incorporated into the workflow, for immediate identification and notification of issues to the respective client. This way, a Client Account Manager can have clarity and control over the entire process. MPX is capable of integrating targeted marketing or other company messaging system into the customer document handling process. Apart from finance, MPXs presence is seen in various industry verticals such as retail energy, healthcare, insurance, and telecommunication. MPX has the talent pool with a wealth of hands-on experience that works to satisfy the requirement of every customer.