Solidifi: Providing a Truly Extraordinary Closing Experience

Loren L. Cooke, President, SolidifiLoren L. Cooke, President
Digital transformation is breathing new life into the mortgage industry. In today’s hyper competitive environment, lenders are changing the way in which they engage with their customers to create a simpler, more seamless experience. Increasingly, that means turning to technology to better manage the entire transaction from origination right through to closing.

Founded in 2004, Solidifi has become an industry leader by creating technology that drives efficiencies for lenders, enabling them to deliver a better customer experience.

“Our focus is on challenging the mindset of outdated mortgage services operating models. Similar to some of the consumer driven network companies like Lyft and Amazon, we use technology and a unique network engagement model to create a competitive marketplace for independent field professionals like appraisers, closing agents and abstractors,” says Loren L. Cooke, President at Solidifi.

Their unique approach has generated significant success for Solidifi. Today, they are the largest provider of residential real estate appraisals, and a top-five provider of title and closing services, to more than 60 of the country’s top 100 lenders.

“Lenders have given us an outsized share of their business because they trust that the appraisers we send to their customers’ homes will be good stewards of their reputation. They also know that these professionals can handle the exceptions and modifications that sometimes become necessary, making the process seamless for their customers,” adds Cooke.

Our focus is on challenging the mindset of outdated mortgage services operating models by creating technology that drives efficiencies for the lender and a better experience for the consumer

Solidifi has grown and expanded its platform to the title and closing industry. The company works with experienced closing agents to provide a more engaging customer experience. Building on its success in valuations; Solidifi offers lenders and consumers multiple closing solutions, from full mobile notary signing to e-close. The company is setting a new standard for delivering higher-quality closings consistently. “The closing experience is a crucial touch point for a borrower, and having the right closing agent can make significantly impact on their perception and overall rating of their experience with a lender,” says Cooke. “Many lenders aren’t fully aware just how dissatisfied borrowers are with the closing experience. Whether it is a standard closing or a hybrid e-closing, they struggle with efficiency, consistency and the varying level of professionalism of the people sitting across from their customers when it comes time to close the mortgage, not to mention the high costs associated with a re-signing event or errors made during the closing process.”

As more lenders seek to adopt technology that will create a sustainable competitive advantage, they are increasingly turning to partners like Solidifi for solutions to better manage crucial pieces of the mortgage lending transaction.

“Through our platform and network management model, we help lenders deliver simplicity and convenience to their customers throughout the mortgage process. We’re breaking the mold of traditional mortgage services operating models. Our team, expertise and approach are true differentiators in the industry,” states Cooke.