Nexsys Technologies: Managing and Closing Loans Electronically

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Mike Lyon, Executive Vice President, Nexsys TechnologiesMike Lyon, Executive Vice President
“While introducing a process to close loans electronically in the mortgage industry, there is little room for error,” said Mike Lyon, Executive Vice President of Nexsys Technologies. “We need to ensure that the new technology mimics the traditional manual documentation processes closely in terms of simplicity, or signing agents may revert to the tried-and-tested paper method.” Lyon’s words shed light on the reliance on paper-based documentation trends, despite the proliferation of technological advancements within the mortgage industry. After working with Quicken Loans for over two decades and becoming one of the first lenders to take mortgage processes online, Lyon took over leadership of Nexsys, an organization that allows clients to close loans electronically with increased efficiency.

Nexsys Clear Sign is a secure online mortgage eClosing platform that functions as a bridge between consumers and signing agents, simplifying the process of closing the loans. The scalable platform, which was built from the ground up to address the needs of the mortgage industry, allows clients to close either a part or the entire documentation process electronically. Clear Sign eliminates the possibility of missing signatures and critical information entries, thus saving time and money. Multiple layers of security ensure that the data exchange on the platform is well protected, and signing agents can make smart decisions before a deal is closed.

Clear Sign allows for a full range of eClosing scenarios, ranging from a single document within a closing package being electronically signed, up to the ability of all documents— including the note—being completely electronically signed with the consumer in one location while the signing agent is in another. In the future, Nexsys aims to provide more platforms that increase vendor efficiency and benefit customers and end-users alike in the mortgage eClosing process.

We aid lenders in gaining holistic knowledge to make beneficial business decisions, and enable them to keep up with industry-wide analytics to optimize profit

“We aim to drive more interaction and integration in platforms for title underwriters, signing agents and lenders alike,” Lyons added. “Our ultimate goal is to become synonymous with the eClosing process in the future.”

Clear Sign is a recognized eClosing platform by both the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). Clear Sign is also widely accepted by all title underwriters who have had the opportunity to review the advanced eClosing technology.

Nexsys stands out among other players in the FinTech arena because of its ability to connect companies to their partners and clients in order to streamline the home buying process for end-users. Based on the changes introduced in the mortgage space with the Dodd-Frank Act, combined with the procedure of moving away from a HUD-1 settlement statement to a closing disclosure as required by TRID, lenders are required to create a compliant document for signing agents. The efforts to simplify this process marked the genesis of Nexsys. The company develops products, which allow lenders to create a consistent and easy communication and document-delivery process with any signing agent, regardless of location or signing-agent platform. Nexsys’ portfolio features two flagship products to simplify the loan-closing process—Clear Path and Clear Sign. With the former, Nexsys focuses on the fulfillment of title and closing services for its lender clients. By connecting to thousands of signing agents in real time within a unique ecosystem, the product coordinates all closing activities between the lender and signing agent.

Clear Path also offers appraisal-ordering services through the management of lender-chosen Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs). Clear Path measures AMC performance and allocates appraisal orders for maximum lender benefit. “We assist lenders in gaining the holistic knowledge required to make beneficial business decisions and enable them to keep up with industry-wide analytics to optimize client experience and margins,” Lyon said.