One Touch Tech Solutions: Facilitating Mobility with Cloud Solutions

Cinta Lu, CEO, One Touch Tech SolutionsCinta Lu, CEO
In today’s era of “real-time-business”, dynamic engagement is the name of the game for enterprises to fulfill their business objectives. With meta-trends such as AI, cloud, analytics and mobile, it is possible for these companies to connect with the modern customer. For these firms, technology is the crucial catalyst and in this scenario the convergence of enterprise mobility with cloud computing is the silver lining in the cloud adding new dimensions to the ways in which these businesses will function. The management at the Singapore based One Touch Tech Solutions--operates as a mobile-first software development company--leverages this trend to help such enterprises.

The company holds a vast portfolio of solutions which include cloud computing solutions--that help to improve efficiency of customer’s businesses. One Touch helps businesses swiftly move to the cloud with Microsoft Azure ensuring rich analytics, flexibility, and scalability. “We help businesses reduce the on-premises infrastructure maintenance costs and upgrade from their legacy on-premises systems-- enabling them to stay competitive in the market,” says Cinta Lu, CEO of the firm.

Since its inception in 2007, the firm has helped around 300 clients move away from their legacy systems. With a competent team of over 200 business strategists and technology professionals across its seven global offices, the firm, over the years, has worked with brands like Harley-Davidson, Eurostar, and Universal Pictures along with emerging companies such as Cirrus Insight constituting a client base that highly speaks volume of the company’s success.

We help businesses reduce the on-premises infrastructure maintenance costs and upgrade from their legacy on-premises systems--enabling them to stay competitive in the market

In one of its projects, the company assisted a high-speed passenger train service, Eurostar, which needed a web and mobile application to automate its ERP processes to ensure convenience to the customers. Eurostar needed an app that could display journey reports, journey-specific data, and other travel details. One Touch Tech Solutions, considering the specific needs of the client, developed an employee-facing cloud solution for web and iOS. The company further building on the then existing app of Eurostar expanded functionality and improved management of content. This app resulted in better management of reservations and reporting along with improved internal communication and helped Eurostar achieve better productivity and accuracy in reporting. One Touch Tech Solutions has worked with numerous leading companies in various sectors, helping them develop cloud-based applications for mobility and better productivity.

The firm also renders consulting, technological, progress, quality assurance, and product development services. The company further deploys several front-end technologies in its solutions such as block chain, business intelligence, IoT, and artificial intelligence to enable its clientele meet their business objectives and maintain competitiveness.

With a customer-centric approach at the core of its culture, the firm has continually empowered its clients to be highly mobile. The firm’s extensive portfolio has served its customers across industries including retail and e-commerce, insurance, travel and hospitality, and healthcare. In the years to come, the firm intends to continue serving both small and large businesses, and help them address the critical business needs.