What Value does NLP Add to Banking Today?

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, May 04, 2020

The critical functionalities that NLP can serve in the banking industry are making this technology indispensable.

FREMONT, CA: A modern banking institution is expected to feature technological capabilities, which are thus becoming crucial as banks transform aspects like customer experience management and service delivery. These developments have increased the potential applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) throughout the banking industry. NLP is empowering banks to enhance their capabilities in the diverse areas mentioned in the following list.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

NLP applications are proving to be extremely valuable in the context of banking compliance. Deploying NLP solutions allows banks to generate automated compliance reports. These reports are developed with zero intervention from human analysts and are highly accurate. In addition, banks are able to generate intelligence about compliance by using NLP tools that can examine conversations among employees present in the forms of text or voices.

Search and Analysis of Documents

Top Artificial Intelligence Solution CompaniesDocument search and analysis capabilities are vital in the banking sector. Going through documents forms a majority of the workload in banks. However, NLP is now helping banks change the story. NLP-equipped solutions are helping to search and extract vital information from vast volumes of documents. According to a report, an NLP software from a leading vendor can reduce search task duration by almost 360000 hours for banks. Subsequently, other banking activities that depend on document analysis become faster and more accurate.

Customer Engagement

Today, customers expect banks to provide high-quality services and immediate response to queries. Thus, banks are trying to develop customer service capabilities that can result in better customer satisfaction. NLP backed chatbots are playing a vital role in helping bank customers to track and complete transactions, manage recurring payments, and access banking information in a hassle-free manner.

Be it risk management, or customer targeting, NLP has become a precious asset for the banking industry.


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