Digital Payment Trends Re-structuring Modern Banking

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Advanced digital payment portals rule retail banking, along with transforming the traditional accounting systems with next-generation solutions.   

FREMONT, CA: Technological transformation in the banking sector massively showcases advanced facilities and services, immensely benefiting the tech-savvy customers. Today, secured online banking, accounting, and transaction processes are at the fingertips and can be performed within seconds. Innovative influences of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud-based systems, and many more allow both the customer and banking service provider to access advanced solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT) for Contactless Payments

Contactless payments offer a faster and convenient payment system, simplifying the process of money transfer through the automated and interconnected IoT. The smart payment combination uses futuristic products like smart wearables, including fabrics, bracelets, watches, and others to combine the payer's heartbeat in the place of signature or PIN code. In the present era, companies develop specialized applications and platforms to support IoT and other daily devices with low-power computing architectures, including features of updates, analytics, and wireless communication. The wireless communication device, IoT with simple display screens and QR codes on optical sensors, enables the contactless payments. Integrated Bluetooth in the IoT also automates the wireless and contactless payment for the customers, while saves the payment duration and avoid hustles of standing in the queue. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Payment industry explodes opportunities for technology to showcase different possibilities through applications and various virtual products. Personalized payment products and financial services enhance the customer experience and revolutionize the e-commercial sector. Artificial intelligence helps the service providers to create customer-oriented offers analyzed by real-time activities. The technology is highly capable of detecting fraudulent approaches and attempts. AI adds the interactive facility with the customers and helps the payment and financial firms to navigate them for necessary account inquiries, check account balance, and fund transfers. Payment portals with AI authorize the advantages of facial recognition, gesture detection, and voice recognition systems, creating a hyper-personalized approach to payments and lending. Artificial intelligence with the potential of bringing massive transformation in bank retail and payment industry provides solutions for forgery, intelligently improves the customer service and powers all-around digital finance services.

Cloud-based Payment Processing

Payment industry moving to the clouds leverages the advantages of centralized payment processing to the customers. With the greater flexibility, the technology allows easy integration with services and to work hand-in-hand with the other running applications. It provides data security and ensures to maintain compliance widely. The cloud-based payment system allows more natural integration with accounting and management software, enabling round-the-clock access. The advanced system allows the banking service providers or payment portal to speed up the relevant product offerings, schemes, gift card, and other loyalty programs. It significantly supports the supply chain, inventory, and product details and helps to improvises according to the current market standard. Cloud-based service eliminates the need for a data center to manage and store payment information or any intermediaries, which reduces extra benefits and any obvious errors at the time of retrieving.

Comparing with the traditional banking processes, today, the payment method is often more reliable and intelligent with the use of smart detection of user's voice, biometrics and optimized transaction portals. Switching from the physical cash payment to a virtual medium, not only speeds up the procedure but offers high security by eliminating the chances of losing money in the wallet. The online payment approach also helps the customers to keep an accurate track of spent money while benefiting the service providers to maintain proper account records for further claims and analysis.

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