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Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, March 08, 2019

Mobile apps are so ubiquitous today that almost every company has its own app to enhance their business. From traveling to food, shopping, banking, and education, every sector has developed apps for their business. People are building a whole new company around the app because of their popularity. FinTech industry is also trying to thrive in this mobile app system to enhance its revenues. But, building a user-friendly app for a FinTech customer is must to provide better service. Few aspects should be remembered while designing an app from initiation of an idea to its execution. 

Every company wants apps but are unsure about its usage. Hence, it is essential for the business to understand and get a clear idea about their needs. Once a company is clear about its aim it can make the best use of app by focusing on their target and saving themselves from undesirable situations. It is crucial that the app should have all the specifications that are needed for the business. Since apps are like ongoing projects and require changes now and then depending on the situation and demand, companies should make the essential changes in the app. The goal of FinTech apps is to make activities or tasks of users easier by a user-friendly interface and reducing screen time.

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For any business engagement with their target audience and understanding their needs is a must. Designing and regularly updating app according to the requirement of the consumers helps companies to keep up the good business. But, it is equally important to test the app before launching as any failure in the app could lead to the loss of the customer. If apps fail to provide instant gratification to the user, they will uninstall the app leaving a negative review about it that can be harmful for the business and reputation of the company. Therefore, companies should launch the app only when it is fully ready and tested properly.

After a successful launch of the app, companies should focus on areas of improvements with the help of customer reviews and using mobile analytics to find out the exact usage of the app by customers. With the help of analytics, companies can understand which features are working and which users are engaged, enabling businesses to refine and improve the next version of their apps.

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