The Fintech World Welcomes the Chatbot Innovation

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Fintech AI Chatbots are continuously evolving and becoming smarter and intelligent. Businesses are realizing the potentials of this emerging technology and are all set to adopt the disruptive innovation to transform, compete and deliver value. A brief of significant benefits that chatbots are providing in the fintech industry draws the attention of the finance world as they need to become better with the rising pressure from various angles. Why is chatbot integration becoming indispensable? Read on to find out.

1.  Eliminate the complexities from Banking Apps

Undoubtedly, banking applications have streamlined customer experiences by eliminating long queues and enabling customers to operate more comfortably. However, an application with a cumbersome interface can be a significant drawback and ruin customer experience. Banks are looking forward to improving customer experiences with the help of banking bots. These bots give details of how the amount is transferred, transaction details, and the balance available just by using a mobile phone. With the help of predictive analysis, bots also provide smart suggestions to the customers.

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2.  Fraud Detections and Prevention

The increasing numbers of fraudulent activities have made customers skeptic about banks, the new technologies, in some instances chatbots too.  However, chatbots can be the ideal solution to detect fraudulent activities and also prevent them as they continuously monitor every banking activity of every customer. In the attempt of such events, customers are warned instantly via messaging platforms or are advised to follow the procedure required for fraud resolution.

3.  Market the services proficiently

Banks have a plethora of products and services to be pitched for their customers. However, one-size-fits-all-approach is not the possibility here. The AI chatbots deal with this issue brilliantly as they communicate directly with customers and get unique insights concerning customers’ behavior, desires, and financial transaction information. 

4.  Cost Savvy

Banks are investing millions of dollars in operations and processes executed by human employees. Often, they are inefficient, less accurate and expensive too. On the contrary, chatbots are cheaper, better efficiency and do work with high proficiency and accuracy. Additionally, chatbots don’t require any sky-high data storage in place due to the cloud-based system.


Financial institutions have gone mobile, and now the rapidly innovating market and customers’ needs demand chatbot technology adoption. The innovation is already assisting banking institutions with planning the next phase of internet banking which will enable the banks to take decisions proactively thereby providing improved customer satisfaction, increased market share and high profitability. 

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