Role of IoT Solutions in Banking Industry

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 23, 2020

IoT developers are helping banking institutions build and customize apps to help transform the customers' experience utilizing IoT data.

Fremont, CA: Internet of things (IoT) has become a powerful instrument to help the increment of customer loyalty for banks bringing more business to them. Banks are also engaging and communicating with the customers by providing advice through handsets or online portals, building customer loyalty.

IoT in banking offers many advantages, like providing rewards and easy-to-access services to debit and credit card customers. Banks are also able to study how customers use ATM kiosks in various areas and reduce or increase ATM installations in areas depending on the amount of usage. It also provides customer data to help banks identify their customers' business needs, value chain, suppliers, and distributors and gain customer insights. Additionally, it offers value-added services, customized banking services, products, and financial assistance to ensure a win-win situation for the parties involved, the customers and the bank. Banks can also predict fraud in credit and debit card transactions that allow them to take appropriate measures to prevent the problem.

Here are three uses of IoT in banks:

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IoT helps in the customer's banking experience by providing clients with insights and individualized experience promptly. The connectivity of devices also allows visitors to schedule an appointment through their smartphones. Banks also store their clients' visits, the services they use, and the questions they ask in their database.

Credit Card Experience

IoT has allowed the development of an interactive credit card, which helps bank clients interact and engages with a digital display allowing them to raise questions to a bank in real-time and tweak the limit settings of their credit cards right at a shopping site.

Customer's Financial Habits

Utilizing connected devices allows bank customers to change their financial habits and tackle the problem of overspending.

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