Internet of Things and it's Potential in the Banking Industry

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The world has come in the engulfment of devices such as smart gadgets and the internet, which strongly influence businesses. Internet of Things (IoT) lets companies become smart, time-saving, cost-saving, accurate, and efficient. In order to achieve seamless goals, it challenges banks and financial institutions to remain focused and adopt Omni channel products. The banking industry is already embracing IoT to see how it can help to bring it to the next level of business and customer experience. Connectivity between machine and machine that enables data collection and mass information sharing from customer devices provides multiple opportunities for financial institutions. It enables to search for knowledge from user insights to better understand, better track and analyze customers ' behaviors, wants and demands.

Proximity marketing used to be the preservation of physical, brick-and-mortar retail operations, but banks have not napped in terms of the method's potential for their operations. With beacon technology that allows potential and existing customers to obtain personalized, location-based service presented or delivered to them, banks are banking on IoT to help them get closer to their customers. The iBeacon of Apple is used to offer location-based, custom-made messages and alerts to help tellers at their outlets give a tailor-made greeting to each customer appearing at their counter. However, it's not all about customization; it also helps them directly make more money.

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The banking industry now sees the widespread use of M2M technologies, although we may not be able to detect them as their customers. They are used to capture mobile interactions, data - metrics of customer service, strengthening identity management, and many other areas. What has prevented these institutions from implementing these solutions in full is the existing complexity involved in the methods. What IoT wishes is a fairly straightforward way to collect and use this highly fruitful source of actionable data for all those facing this challenge.

In the final analysis, IoT has tremendous potential to promote smarter business decision-making on the part of the institutions that take it up while raising the level of customer satisfaction experienced by customers and customers. Compared to many other players, financial institutions have a very clear chance in that the strength of IoT is abundantly obvious when it comes to their FinTech strategies.

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