How can Fintech Firms Sustain Success?

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Fintech firms have had head-starts but need proper interventions to maintain successful runs in the competitive ecosystem.

FREMONT, CA: There is no denying in the fact that fintech companies have disrupted the banking sector and changed many fundamental aspects on their way to instantaneous success. However, the companies cannot rely on the initial momentum to stay profitable. Sustainability in business mandates continual efforts. The rules of the game will keep changing, and technology will continue on the path of evolution. Staying responsive and adapting to the changing scenarios is a part of the strategy to succeed in markets. Some other factors that can help fintech companies create sustainable business models and grow consistently are enlisted below.

• Focus on Current and Future Regulations

Regulatory compliance has critical value in driving the banking sector. The mushrooming of fintech companies resulted in regulatory bodies framing stringent policies regarding the use of technology and the management of sensitive customer information. The same trend will persist in the future as well, posing as hurdles in the path of some fintech companies. Overcoming these compliance-related hurdles is crucial for fintech business sustainability. In addition, staying two steps ahead of regulatory norms can also prove advantageous for fintech companies.

• A Balanced Approach to Infrastructure

Fintech companies tend to focus on the aspect of technology from the very beginning. Although technology forms the core of the products and services that fintech companies offer, a measured approach is essential for the best results. Investing extra or investing wrongly can lead to recurring losses. Optimizing IT infrastructure is a recipe for success for fintech companies in the long run.

• Realistic Planning and Strategic Asset Acquiring

Building a strong team is one of the key areas of focus for fintech companies looking at sustainability. Acquiring experts, as well as skilled employees and retaining them, is crucial. Besides, fintech companies should always keep the roadmap for the coming years ready. Although plans do not always work out, contingency plans can be a savior for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The right strategies are also essential to grab the attention of funding sources. Ultimately, getting funding is central to any fintech company's efforts to stay competitive and successful in the sector. 

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