How Banks can Excel in Digital Lending

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, October 23, 2020

Clarity and concerted efforts are central to the banking institutions’ effort towards transition towards an ever-evolving digital lending ecosystem.

FREMONT, CA: Lowered costs, faster lending decisions, and significantly improved customer experience are some of the direct benefits that are entitled to banks that have a digital lending system. Thus, as the banking industry makes major headways towards comprehensive digitalization, digital lending boasts of major incentives. Access to these benefits depends on how efficiently a bank transforms its legacy lending models into digital ones. The following list contains some considerations for banks to achieve success in formulating a digital lending system. 

• A Comprehensive Reorientation of Lending Process

In order to build digital lending capabilities, banks need to engage in an end-to-end reorientation. Reports have highlighted that banks that have gone for comprehensive evaluations and redesign of lending have been able to achieve enhanced efficiencies. On the other hand, piecemeal efforts have displayed less impressive results. Thus, banks should implement transformations and develop a digital lending journey only through an end-to-end approach.

• Creating Scope for Automated Loan Approvals

The conventional lending procedure in banks involves a lot of manual reviews owing to legacy policies. In creating a digital lending ecosystem, banks will have to forgo these policies and approaches in favor of automation. Although automation in approving loans leads to security apprehensions, banks will have to introduce new capabilities. By invoking data-driven models, banks should optimize automation and then gradually adopt automated risk management capabilities that will support secure loan approvals without manual interventions.

• Focus on an Agile Approach

The redesign of credit processes is bound to create friction between customer experience and business outcomes. Generating a balance between these aspects is key throughout the reconfiguration of the lending models. An agile approach can be a significant enabler in credit digitization. By driving a time-bound approach, agile methodologies entitle banks to optimize both the aspects of profitable returns and customer satisfaction.

The prospects of developing a successful digital lending system will ultimately depend on a multi-pronged approach that prioritizes the use of relevant technology with comprehensive backing from experts in the banking domain.

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