Drones to Assess Insurance Claims: AIG

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: AIG, the insurance company, believes drones can do better job than humans when it comes to assessing the damages to a property in an insurance claims process. As humans cannot handle extreme conditions of fire or flood during a catastrophe to assess the level of damage to an insured property, AIG believes the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) perfectly fits the bill. Their idea now gets the backing of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who has given them nod to operate UAVs to conduct inspections for risk assessment, risk management, loss control, and surety performance for customers in the U.S.

AIG has also got the permission to run an R&D program related to UAVs to explore new possibilities in serving customers in the best possible manner. However, the company already has a fully functional program being executed in New Zealand where it has conducted flights. The tests provide insights to the company about the capability of drone technology in image collection techniques and flight operations. These insights will now be incorporated into the AIG’s global UAV strategy. The company believes it is well positioned to operate UAVs safely and effectively in the U.S and around the globe.

UAVs can go places where humans can’t. They can be of great help in completing the surveys of disaster areas as they can bring high resolution images, collect richer information about properties and claims that aid in faster claims handling, risk assessment, and payment.

 “AIG is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in providing better, faster, and safer risk and claims assessments to our customers,” said Eric Martinez, Executive Vice President, Claims and Operations, AIG. “Leveraging cutting edge technologies like UAVs can enhance our ability to assess and mitigate risks to better help our customers and their communities prepare for and rebuild after a catastrophic event.”

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