WeCounsel Solutions Automates Patient's Insurance Eligibility Check and Reimbursement

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: WeCounsel Solutions, a provider of HIPAA compliant telehealth platform, upgrades its telehealth software to help mental health providers automatically determine a patient's insurance eligibility during registration.

Using the software, providers can manually double-check insurance plans to ensure what aspects are covered and then accordingly suggest clients appropriate policies. The functionality to check for insurance eligibility and to submit and receive insurance claims from payers through a single platform eliminates the need for multiple systems, redundancies, and other expensive insurance claim reimbursement software.

The software lets providers message, schedule, send/store documents and manage all their client accounts in their network. It allows clients to log into their own private portal which serves as a homebase for their treatment and interaction with their provider. The platform is accessible from any internet connected computer, tablet, or mobile device. With comprehensive security policies and procedures, patient’s information is kept secure. The software enables video conferencing, scheduling, document storage, and billing to facilitate meaningful provider and client interactions online.

"We’re very excited to announce that we’ll now have the functionality to check for insurance eligibility and to actually be able to submit and receive insurance claims from payers through our platform. We think that this is going to streamline the providers’ workflow into a more effective use of their time and we look forward to the foreseen increase in the use of our platform," says Josh Kaywood, Director of Business Development, WeCounsel Solutions.

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