Logi Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Self-Service Analytics

Brett Jackson, President and CEO, Logi AnalyticsBrett Jackson, President and CEO
Today’s technology-driven world has revolutionized the way banks function and tackle the number of challenges they face. Stringent government regulations, uncertainties, and customer retention are some of the difficulties hovering over the banking sector. Over time, banks have become smarter in allaying these complications by inculcating advanced analytics practices to generate powerful insights resulting in significant business impact. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Logi Analytics, a provider of self-service analytics solutions, empowers banks to enhance customer relationships and identify cross-selling opportunities. The firm’s analytics system enables banks to comprehend and evaluate their performance in alignment with their goals.

“Our innovative analytics products enable enterprises to analyze data, share insights and make informed decisions to drive financial performance and gain visibility into transactions,” extols Brett Jackson, President and CEO. Among the company’s prime offerings, Logi info is a business analytics platform, which allows clients to create analytics applications and can embed analytics directly into their operational business applications. These applications can be customized according to end-user needs and can accommodate a multitude of users. Logi Vision another offering from the company is a visual analytics application that simplifies data access and provides an environment to make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, it enables banks to discover new trends and identify key driving factors to enhance their performance.

“We deliver an integrated view of banking data to help them understand customer buying behavior,” Jackson explains. The company allows banks to manage risk by analyzing operational risk and improve customer experience through smart targeting. “We provide banks with the data they need to understand and evaluate the performance of branches across all regions,” elucidates Jackson. The company offers a complete dashboard to banks that comprises of accounting goals and market analysis.

Our innovative analytics products enable banks to analyze data, share insights and make informed decisions

The company differentiates itself from its competitors by driving financial performance and gaining visibility into transactions. By reporting on account information that is viewable by market and bank, Logi Analytics provides insights on upcoming trends. The company’s solutions enable regional managers to visualize customer adoption of value added services and analyze growth by market. “Our dashboard identifies branches that are outperforming and catalyzes sharing of best practices,” asserts Jackson.

Serving a myriad of clients in the banking sector, the company has enabled banks to improve customer relationships and manage risks while complying with regulatory requirements. One example is Synchology, a prepaid payments program manager, who faced many challenges in creating internal reports to make informed financial and operational decisions. They approached Logi Analytics and adopted the Logi Info solution that provided fast and easy access to reports with hierarchical role-based access controls for each client. The solution allowed Synchology to gain competitive differentiation in the market. “Logi Info solution has given us the ability to provide data back to clients and helped us create a unique competitive advantage in the market,” extols Doug Bobenhouse, President, Synchology.

The company envisions a future with cutting edge solutions that can cater to the self service needs of enterprises to understand data, share insights and make informed decisions. Further, it will help the finance sector and banks to improve forecasts and boost their revenue and profitability. With its agile BI solutions, the company will continue to provide the banking sector with the data they require while meeting organizational needs at a low cost.