Actian: Transforming Big Data into Monetary Value

Steve Shine, CEO and President, ActianSteve Shine, CEO and President
Technology is waving into every industry. Trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mobile, and social media have converged in a deluge of data. Coming to the banking sector, financial organizations are finding ways to crunch massive amounts of data economically and derive actionable insights. But yesterday’s approaches to technology, data management, and analytics can’t cope with the proliferation of sources and amount of data at the disposal. At the forefront of tackling this is Actian, an innovator in big data management, analytics, and cloud integration, transforming big data into business value for organizations. “Actian empowers companies to connect to data, analyze it quickly, and take immediate action on accurate insights gained, to proffer their customers gain with competitive advantage, manage risk, and find new sources of income,” says Steve Shine, CEO and President, Actian.

Starting his journey with Actian from 2007 as SVP of Worldwide Sales, Shine has spearheaded Actian’s emergence into market and honed its global sales processes. Later in 2011, taking charge as CEO, Shine has led Actian through sustained organic and acquisition growth to maintain the company’s goodwill.

Actian’s analytics platform is designed to efficiently asses and analyze huge volumes of data accurately in less time to deliver actionable business value. “In today’s increasingly aggressive business environment, you need to make decisions faster than ever,” notes Shine. With blazingly fast analytics engines, customers can now get the results more quickly and stay a step ahead of the competition. Actian’s next-generation analytics products enable banks to turn into data-driven enterprises, helping them make strategic decisions and deal more effectively with customers and the ever changing market scenario.

Built to accelerate high performing and fully industrialized SQL in Hadoop, Actian Vortex offers best in class data preparation and broadest analytics support. While Actian Matrix, the MPP (massively parallel processing) analytics database architecture analyzes critical and diverse data sets quickly and efficiently to deliver wider analytics and greater sophistication, improving customer experience, reducing risk, and streamlining inventory management and operations.

Actian enables banks to turn into data-driven enterprises, helping them make strategic decisions and deal more effectively with customers and the ever changing market scenario

Leveraging Actian Vector, a product of Actian’s analytics platform, organizations can drill into massive data and deliver faster and deeper actionable insights to accelerate and deploy Business Intelligence (BI) projects and reduce analytics workload.

Improved Data Management and Integration

To help companies tackle their mission-critical data management and analysis requirements, the Actian Relational DBMS is at the forefront, featuring transactional and data integrity, performance, reliability, and security at its core.

Furthermore, Actian’s Data Integration tool provides a simple, fast, powerful, and cost-effective way to consolidate data. Meanwhile, the Actian DataCloud platform integrates cloud applications and data, providing universal connectivity, scalability, and enterprise security.

Reduced Risk Exposure to Banks

Hadoop architectures are slowly replacing legacy data storage software. Leveraging Actian’s Analytics Platform Hadoop SQL Edition, banks can quickly and easily analyze massive amounts of risk data and process 20 times more data than before. And with risk firmly under control, the banks can free up more capital to use in their business investments.

Banks can create roadmaps for future business operations with the analytics blueprint from Actian Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program and incorporate new methodologies to accelerate analytics ROI. It further enables them to drive conversions, deepen relationships, and increase market share by infusing analytics into the customer engagement.

The flagship offering from Actian is customizable and user-friendly, while delivering real business outcomes and driving ultimate profitability for organizations. Bringing big data from legacy systems in a way that makes sense to each business unit, Actian’s range of solutions help the banking industry get timely and relevant insights that enable them to make better and faster decisions.