Intelligent Environments: Delivering a Seamless Banking Experience

David Webber, Managing Director, Intelligent EnvironmentsDavid Webber, Managing Director
Today, individuals prefer using digital financial services than pay frequent visits to banks. While the number of remote banking channels has increased significantly, the financial institutions have also seen a rise in hacking incidents. With security concerns escalating, retail banks are struggling to keep pace with new technologies that restrict fraudsters. Leading the way for financial services in the midst of the quickly moving technology landscape, Intelligent Environment has been providing financial services with innovative mobile and online solutions since its inception. The London based firm aims to meet their clients’ needs by helping build deep and sustainable relationships. This is done through its ability to engage and transact with customers through their secure digital banking platform—Interact. The platform enables clients to interact with their bank via the channel of choice, in a secure, seamless, and consistent manner.

The Interact software platform delivers a seamless banking experience across a secure, robust, multichannel digital platform. By deploying this powerful digital banking platform, clients can deliver an exceptional omni-channel customer experience, while reducing operational and marketing costs and ensuring security and compliance. “Our Interact suite of mobile and online financial services includes Interact Acquire, Interact Connect, and Interact Collect, which help organizations build a secure communication environment,” says David Webber, Managing Director of Intelligent Environment.

Several financial services companies depend on Interact Acquire, an intuitive, customer-friendly digital acquisitions platform to drive their acquisitions and reduce costs. Implementing Interact Acquire helps customers deliver a branded, secure and personalized mobile and online customer experience, regardless of the channel, device or platform. On the other hand, Interact Connect drives engagement and reduces costs for financial organizations. Interact Connect is designed to deliver customers a satisfying and engaging experience managing their account, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Our Interact suite of mobile and online financial services includes Interact Acquire, Interact Connect, and Interact Collect, which help organizations build a secure communication environment

The solution digitally engages the customers, providing them with the ability to switch seamlessly between channels, driving a consistent user experience and customer satisfaction, resulting in both increased net promoter scores and revenue.

In an instance, Atom Bank, a digital-only bank in the UK financial services market deployed Interact to underpin Atom’s customer digital experience. The Atom Bank provides an app-based banking experience for all its customers, where clients can access their bank accounts via tablets or smartphones, offering a comprehensive digital alternative to traditional methods of banking. “Our partnership with Intelligent Environments is a critical part of our infrastructure and our offer to customers, as the Interact platform allows us to fully customize and evolve our app,” explains Mark Mullen, CEO, Atom Bank.

“Working with several banking customers, we have discovered that various finance collections strategies are stuck in the pre-digital age, and these financial companies are looking for ways to improve collections performance and reduce costs,” says Webber. This is where Interact Collect, a digital collection solution comes into play. The solution makes payment convenient, discreet, and non-confrontational, while improving the bottom line by moving from a high cost, low response rate to a low cost, high response rate channel. “Looking forward to the road ahead, we have plans on expanding our solution offerings in order to fulfill our vision to enable our ‘clients to always stay close to their customers,’” concludes Webber.