GMC Software: Redefining Customer Communication in Banking

Antoine Hemon-Laurens, Product Marketing Manager, GMC SoftwareAntoine Hemon-Laurens, Product Marketing Manager
Modern day consumers expect instant responses to their queries through preferred communication channels. Of late, enterprises are experiencing a barrage of changes that is hampering their ability to better communicate with customers in line with their changing communication preferences. The banking sector has come under the spotlight, as users expect banks to communicate with them transparently and promptly. For many retail banks, outdated document output processes and legacy core systems have posed as a barrier to delivering extraordinary customer communications experience. GMC Software helps companies communicate with their customers and empowers organizations to create stronger engagements with timely and relevant communication. “GMC acts as a liaison between a bank’s core system and its representatives with the customers,” begins Antoine Hemon- Laurens, Product Marketing Manager, GMC Software. “We offer a unique customer communications management solution, GMC Inspire, which facilitates enterprise banks to create, endorse, and deliver impactful customer communications across all channels.”

Customer communications is GMC Software’s core focus and passion—as they provide future-proof solutions that adapt to rapidly changing market needs. GMC Inspire enables companies to quickly generate responsive and interactive omni-channel communications from a single easy-to-use platform— eliminating the need for multiple siloed teams. “Many banks still have different teams creating communications for varied channels leading to operational inefficiency and compliance risk with added inconsistency,” adds Hemon-Laurens. “GMC’s solution amalgamates with a company’s existing core systems, leveraging the data and legacy documents to create personalized communications.”

In an instance, a leading U.S. bank had multiple software solutions for various file types which led to momentous operational inefficiencies. These siloed software platforms needed several custom interfaces and integrations, which also called for staff to be trained accordingly.

Our customer communications management solution, GMC Inspire, facilitates enterprise banks to create, endorse, and deliver impactful customer communications across all channels

GMC Inspire delivered all the functionalities provided by these platforms, considerably rationalized the workflow, and added capabilities they didn’t have before. As a result, the client increased their mailing process efficiency significantly while reducing risk and errors.

Hemon-Laurens observes that mobility has become an important part of banking as customers’ access their accounts via various smartphones on the go. GMC has created Mobile Advantage Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling financial organizations to expand the power of GMC’s customer communications management solution to their mobile apps. Meaning, organizations can create a responsive, interactive, and regulatory compliant mobile experience for both consumers and field agents. SDK assists users in making relevant changes to mobile content simpler, equivalent to editing a document in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. And with the industry’s only omni-channel web-based preview, users have the capability to view the designed output in every format and provide approval from anywhere.

“Customer communication is not like it used to be before, now people are looking at engaging content that can be accessed from different channels,” explains Hemon-Laurens. “They want different expertise in terms of solutions—we have come to rationalize how to engage with our customers in a productive way.” GMC Software aims at improving customer engagement and customer experience process for the days to come. Hemon- Laurens foresees customer experience becoming crucial in the near future and highlights that banks need to invest actively inorder to improve their customer engagement process. “We are delivering robust solutions in the customer communication market, and we will keep investing in R&D to enhance our solutions,” concludes Hemon-Laurens.