Evolven: Blended Analytics: Next Generation ITOA technology

Sasha Gilenson, Founder & CEO, EvolvenSasha Gilenson, Founder & CEO
Facing Big Data challenges, IT Operations teams are overwhelmed by the volume, variety, and velocity of IT information. After many years and billions spent on various tools, IT still suffers from numerous chronic performance and availability issues, continuing to invest valuable resources in complex and lengthy troubleshooting efforts. In fact, today’s best practice still relies on the ‘war room’—getting as many of the smartest IT specialists possible in one room. In each of their own silos, they go through operations data using their specific data subset and their own tools. Another problem is that these experts start by focusing on the “Symptoms” (an indication for undesirable conditions in the system behavior and health), while missing the true root cause of incidents –changes. Lastly, with limited analytics, they are left to manually attempt to crunch the available data and iteratively make educated guesses about where the root cause lies.

The war room practice results in a continuous struggle for the banking sector: there are still too many high priority incidents, troubleshooting takes too much time slowing down mean-time-to-resolution, the amount of resources spent on incident investigations is just too wasteful, and in the end IT is trapped in a reactive fire-fighting loop.
It’s time to break this vicious cycle and breakfrom the notorious, old war room practice.

“Our new Blended Analytics approach is a game changing ITOA technology that offers a solid, comprehensive model for correlating and analyzing cross silo data for unparalleled operational insights,” explains Sasha Gilenson, Founder and CEO, Evolven. Leveraging existing investments in IT tools, Evolven’s Blended Analytics approach overcomes IT silo barriers by collecting data from the various cross-silo data sources (including APM, log, network, deployment automation, service desk, and CMDB), and correlating them with changes– the true root causes of performance and availability issues.

Powerful analytics that rely on machine learning, anomaly detection and domain specific heuristics turn this data into actionable insights for slashing mean time to resolution, cutting the number of incidents and improving DevOps and Audits. Evolven’s Blended Analytics extends IT Operations visibility and addresses the central questions facing IT operations management about the true root cause of a problem. This prepares IT staff for gaining insights needed to prevent and quickly troubleshoot any flaws, and finally say goodbye to the war room.

Organizations that implemented the Evolven Blended Analytics solution have reported on achieving significant cuts to their Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), reduced number of incidents and downtime, and smooth error-free releases. In an implementation highlight, a large global banking and financial services organization used Evolven’s solutions to cut incident investigation and truncate MTTR. The IT Operations team faced the challenge of having to manually discover the root cause of issues, and hire additional time consuming resources to verify proper functionality, which added the potential for human error. For reducing incident investigation time, Evolven quickly identified the critical changes, allowing the IT team to focus on the true obstacle that had triggered the incident.

Our new Blended Analytics approach is a game changing ITOA technology for correlating and analyzing cross silo data for unparalleled operational insights

Going forward, Evolven will bring more intelligence to the data center, cloud and hybrid environments, raising the level of IT automation to include more powerful ways of predicting and fixing issues before they turn into incidents. “Within 5-10 years, we will see multiple vertical analytics that will merge into a unified analytics layer to serve as a brain of automated IT environments. Being a pioneer and innovator of the ITOA space, our goal is to expedite this evolution,” concludes Gilenson.