DataClarity: Offering Productive Tools for Banking Analytics

Mark Mueller, Managing Partner, DataClarityMark Mueller, Managing Partner
With the changing business dynamics, banking industry demands customer satisfaction and risk management in order to stay ahead of the curve. Though banks face intense competition in the market and increasing risks, business analytics solutions help banks to manage risk in organization, maintain regulatory compliance, increase revenue through marketing strategies, and manage the compensation. DataClarity, based in Raleigh, NC, leverages business analytics solutions that help banks to provide effective management and administration, thereby handling the statutory benefits like Provident Fund and compensation of an employee.

DataClarity manages risk involvement in a business and improves the productive growth in finance. “At DataClarity, we ensure that customers gain benefits from the services offered by bank and improve the marketing tools to achieve consistent growth and revenue in the market. Our analytics solution helps banks to gain insight in customer’s data and increases the profit gained through cross-selling initiatives like marketing,” says Mark Mueller, Managing Partner, DataClarity.
DataClarity specializes in performance management software, consulting and education services. DataClarity furnishes a wide range of advanced analytics solutions such as predictive analytics, customer analytics, threat and fraud analytics, and predictive maintenance solutions.

The analytics function provides outcomes of future events through structured and unstructured data. It improves customer loyalty, prevents fraud, and predicts the outcome of industry operations. The predictive analytics solutions enable the firm to gain better understanding about the current situation then make recommendations regarding the financial outcome. It helps to reduce costs and the efficiency in a business. In addition to experience and knowledge, DataClarity professionals have true passion for delivering innovative performance management solutions that empower people and organizations to make better decisions, ultimately allowing companies to become more competitive in today’s every-changing economy.

Vast solutions provided by DataClarity have been fruitful in increasing ROI, and mitigating risks. Other robust solutions like predictive maintenance improve the sales and product quality. Operational decision management is an easy to use platform that captures and automates the business decisions. It improves communication between organizations through shared governance controls.

In customer analytics, solutions offered by DataClarity help firms to understand what the customers want, gain access to customer's data and informs firms about budget planning and forecasting. Threat and Fraud Analytics solution can analyze all types of data in a firm which in turn helps to create effective policies for an organization. Thereby it can monitor the business environment irrespective of the size of the database. “Our solutions are productive and beneficial in banking industry as they manage the financial and performance aspect,” says Mueller.

Financial planning, compliance, and calculation are systematically done in firm. All these are further applied in organizations for productive growth and financial success. Clients like Bank of America, HSBC, and MetLife greatly benefitted by using financial services of DataClarity. For instance, Ryobi Technologies Inc., one of their clients, used the IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and services deployed by DataClarity to deliver a better, cost-efficient product and offer customers innovative solutions for predictive planning, financial information, reporting, and dashboards.

Our analytics solution helps bank to gain insight in the data of a customer and increases the profit gained through cross-selling initiatives like marketing

Going forward, “We will be concentrating on innovate business solutions for clients by combining best-in class software applications. Use of resources will be maximized for growth, and best marketing practices will be further added,” concludes Mueller