Computer Services, Inc. (CSI): Delivering CRM and BI Core Banking Technology

Steven A. Powless, CEO, CSISteven A. Powless, CEO
For the first time since the aftermath of the global slowdown, banks have again started to witness growth and achieve profitability. And today’s technology drive is helping financial institutions abide by complex regulations. Additionally, the increased competition in the banking sector demands that bankers capitalize on technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and invest time and resources in Business Intelligence (BI) tools. “CSI is helping bankers get back to ‘business of banking’ by providing robust technology services that give them tools to streamline IT resources, reduce investments in hardware and software, and reduce regulatory concerns,” says Steven A. Powless, CEO of CSI.

Based in Paducah, Kentucky, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) specializes in core banking, managed IT services and regulatory compliance solutions, along with other technology services like digital banking, BI and CRM solutions. In fact, CSI partners with SAP, one of the world’s largest data analytics companies, to deliver CSI IQ, which is their BI suite.

“Through our NuPoint platform, we deliver several reporting solutions, such as CSI IQ, financial dashboards and profitability reporting, that allow users to delve easily into data,” delineates Powless. Subsequently, CSI IQ gives customers numerous opportunities to use their customer data more robustly allowing bankers to “see customers as they see themselves.” CSI IQ uses a tile-based schema, similar to Windows 8, which aggregates vital customer information into a single screen and offers the ability to dig deeper into data sets. “Bankers don’t have to view various spreadsheets and reports to understand the customer relationship. They have a comprehensive view available on one screen within the core solution,” he adds. CSI IQ also includes tools that help banks make profitable decisions by simplifying the garnered data in dashboards to provide at-a-glance views of daily activities as well as possible scenarios.

CSI is helping bankers get back to ‘business of banking’ by providing robust technology solutions that empower them to be more competitive, compliant, and profitable

Powless feels listening to customers’ needs and providing solutions to solve their challenges has been a key component of the company’s success. This approach has led them to take up initiatives such as partnering with SAP for their BI solutions and developing a fully integrated CRM solution. CSI emphasizes customer service in its quest to reduce or manage technology burdens and increase profit margins for banks. “So, by pairing new technology solutions with proven support techniques, we are differentiating our company from all the other solution providers in the industry,” explains Powless.

For instance, one of CSI’s clients, Cornerstone Bank was struggling to manage their compliance issues when they first signed up for SmartRisk IQ, CSI’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution. “Consequently, the bank was able to move from spreadsheets and silos to a risk management culture that has permeated throughout the bank,” says Powless.

Along with ERM, the company considers omnichannel as a major trend in the banking sector. “Omnichannel banking is a big discussion point in banking. Mobile devices have shifted banking habits, and now the industry must ensure we meet those new expectations,” comments Powless. Keeping this in mind, CSI has expanded its digital banking platform by integrating all the major components of digital banking into their core platform in order to facilitate a cohesive end-user experience, regardless of the medium. The company aims to be at the tipping point of all technological shifts. “We are constantly investing in our business, especially when it comes to technological innovations that will make our customers more competitive, compliant, and profitable,” concludes Powless.