Cobiscorp: Transforming Financial Services

CIO VendorWilliam Moss, CEO
Financial services organizations are challenged to comply with increasing regulatory changes while pressured by stakeholders to provide innovate and differentiated services to drive bottom-line growth. Keeping up with regulatory changes and innovation is very difficult without a flexible and integrated core banking system. Core system upgrades are a known necessity, but they are difficult to accomplish— many institutions still run on technology that’s more than a quarter-century old. While upgrades have been made to it, the underlying systems originated when digital banking didn't exist.

Based in the Northern Virginia technology corridor, Cobiscorp, a 65-yearold multinational financial service software company, offers today innovative, digital financial solutions to the global financial service industry. Based on a broad set of functionalities and a highly flexible architecture, Cobiscorp has launched the COBIS platform (Cooperative Open Banking Information System). COBIS’s comprehensive solution set enables finance providers to reduce core processing costs while integrating multiple channels into a seamless customer experience across devices. The modules comprising these systems can be installed separately, but are particularly powerful in unison, sharing the same design concepts and architecture. COBIS’s SOA-based design (Service Oriented Architecture) assures high-scale performance and adaptiveness, allowing interplay with SOA-compliant third party applications. Implemented in over 70 financial institutions across several countries, COBIS platform empowers consumer- and commercial-oriented banks as well as micro-finance and payment service providers. “COBIS is the universal solution for the financial sector that provides efficient, secure, and easy-to-use functionality from any channel,” states William Moss, Cobiscorp’s CEO.

COBIS introduces a range of profitable services to the financial community. “Our deep architectural base enables us to deliver innovative banking products through an application layer with three essential components,” states Moss.

COBIS is the universal solution for the financial services, providing efficient, secure, and easy-to-use functionality in a cohesive manner, across many channels

To begin with COBIS Relationship Banking, “involving credit—the institution lending money or the client depositing it,” he adds. COBIS Loans and COBIS Deposits comprise this realtime relationship banking platform which provides the intelligence to proactively manage customer accounts digitally, across all relationships where credit is involved. COBIS Transaction Banking offers digital payment solutions—including mobile wallet, P2P payment and remittance— to safely drive financial organizations wanting to capture the fast-growing customer revenue streams of this realm. The COBIS User Experience front-end platform offers a 360 degree view of the customer, holistically orchestrating the various customer touch-points and channels into a seamless customer experience. “These platforms meet the expectations of our most ambitious and tech-savvy clients, enabling them to deliver identical customer service across multiple devices and channels,” remarks Moss.

“The idea of a configurable Swiss Army Knife is useful for envisioning COBIS, as we offer highly adaptive solutions for many situations,” expresses Moss. For instance, a major financial institution looked all over for all-in-one advanced architecture with superior customer experience, to modernize their core banking platform, and chose COBIS. By understanding the client needs, and then being able to rapidly configure its platform to serve them, Cobiscorp deployed a highly competitive solution that provided this client with real competitive advantages, based on a platform that is, “uniquely broad in functionality and deep in architecture,” adds Moss. “Financial innovation in today’s highly disrupted world requires a lot more than just a new front end,” comments Moss.

Cobiscorp continues to expand internationally while delivering high quality performance on a truly comprehensive and adaptive platform. “We’re on a mission to provide solutions that add value and competitiveness, striving to reward all who trust us: clients, employees, investors, and the communities where we operate,” concludes Moss.