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Gerry Hogenhout, Principal and Founder, Canadian Investment ServicesGerry Hogenhout, Principal and Founder
As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Gerry Hogenhout, Principal and Founder of Canadian Investment Services, spent ten years working in the small business and tax department of Deloitte Touche, Chartered Accountants. With this very strong tax knowledge base, Hogenhout set his attention to the investment world, with a specific interest in real estate. A very keen interest followed to learn as much as possible about the many different investment options that were available to investors, leading Hogenhout to become the only person in Canada, having a CPA designation, holding all five of the different investment licenses, MFDA (Mutual Funds), IIROC (Stocks & Bonds), EMD (Private Equity), Mortgages, and Insurance.

With this unique accomplishment, not only did Hogenhout develop an in-depth insight into how the traditional investment marketplace functions, but he also uncovered many hidden problems:

• 99 percent of the financial or investment advice was designed to sell certain specific investment products to unsuspecting clients.
• Most investors were invested in investment products that were neither suitable for them nor even desired by the investor.
• While most investors were interested in real estate-related investment opportunities, traditional investment advisors could not provide these types of offerings to their clients due to restrictive investment licensing restrictions.
• The fiduciary responsibility of a licensed investor advisor is wrongfully to the company that licenses them and not even to the clients they are supposed to serve. Coming from a very strong professional accounting environment, where CPA members are continuously held to a very high standard of professional conduct and ethical behavior, Hogenhout concluded that the investment industry lacked this level of professionalism, given all of the aforementioned problems. The investment marketplace can best be described as simply a predominant sales-driven industry.

Hogenhout realized that the investment marketplace needed a professional and unbiased approach to financial planning and investment.

What followed was Hogenhout’s creation of a premier real estate-related investment firm called Canadian Investment Services (CIS). One of the requirements in creating CIS was for him to opt-out of holding any of the five traditional investment licenses, given the restrictions these licenses impose on offering real estate-related investment opportunities. Within the creation of this unique corporate structuring, in addition to the various real estate-related investment opportunities offered to their clients, CIS also continues to have access to all the investment products and services offered through the traditional investment marketplace, that is, MFDA (Mutual Funds), IIROC (Stocks & Bonds), EMD (Private Equity), Mortgages & Insurance, through various partnerships with licensed investment advisors.

As such, CIS is a company that now has full access to any and all investment products in the traditional investment marketplace while being able to focus on offering many different types of real estate-related investment products, either accessed through 3rd party real estate investment firms or created internally by CIS, such as real estate joint ventures, limited partnerships, FixNFlips, real estate assignments, wholesaling, direct private lending, holding mortgages in RRSPs, apartment building acquisitions, as well as many other different types of real estate related investment opportunities.

  • At CIS, we provide unbiased information and education to anyone interested in their financial literacy which then allows people to become more involved with the selection of investment products they wish to be invested in

In addition to this full array of investment offerings, CIS has also morphed into an education company, with the belief that investors need to have access to not only unbiased investment product information but also ongoing education in all aspects of taxation, and financial planning and investment management. CIS provides this ongoing education and information through their monthly CIS Financial Education webinars, which are provided on the last Thursday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend these webinars and learn for free. CIS truly believes in sharing the hidden secrets of the investment marketplace along with providing solid, unbiased taxation, financial planning and investment management advice (send them your email addresses so you can receive the monthly invites).

“At CIS, we provide unbiased information and education to anyone interested in their financial literacy which then allows people to become more involved with the selection of investment products they wish to be invested in,” says Hogenhout. “Our clients are invested into investment product they want to be invested in, not something which is sold to them in an unsuspecting manner.”

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Canadian Investment Services

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Canadian Investment Services specializes in sourcing, creating, and combining a broad selection of investment opportunities in both the traditional regulated marketplace as well as the nontraditional marketplace, which includes various real estate investment opportunities.