Armando Wealth Management: Building Holistic Financial Planning

Marcio Armando, RFP, RFC,Principal Financial Consultant, Armando Wealth ManagementMarcio Armando, RFP, RFC,Principal Financial Consultant
The most effective financial planning includes all the fundamentals of an individual’s financial horizon, such as strategic portfolio allocation, cash flow management, tax planning, real estate exposure, risk management, retirement and estate planning. The reality, however, is far from this. Typically, individuals receive siloed financial solutions from different professionals, like an attorney for estate documents drafting, accountant for tax filing, financial advisor for stock investments, and an insurance agent for risk mitigation. The problem with this scenario is that each expert views the client’s financial assets through their own lens. Since they do not have control over the other parameters, it can result in a series of disorganized decisions.

A better approach is a single, holistic financial plan, created by working closely with one financial advisor, who can see all the pieces of an individual’s financial puzzle as a unified whole. That’s precisely what Armando Wealth Management helps its clients achieve.

A trusted financial planning company, Armando Wealth’s coalesced approach allows clients to avoid the potential pitfalls of focusing on decisions in isolation, not to mention the associated cost. What makes Armando Wealth’s approach more interesting is that they view tax planning and other financial investments as an integrated effort, which considers an investor’s risk tolerance, along with present and future financial needs, to maximize the efficiency of the plan.

“We always consider each small piece of a financial plan and how it works with the other to deliver optimum value while managing volatility on the downside for each client household,” states Marcio Armando, RFP, RFC, principal financial consultant at Armando Wealth Management.

Armando Wealth begins client engagements by gathering data about their current financial situation and examining their short- and long-term financial goals.

Armando Wealth places the personal considerations of its clients at the center of the planning process, combining those requisites with the changing fiscal market trends. Once Armando Wealth has clearer insight into both the client’s needs and relevant market estimations, they build the optimal financial plan for the clients.

This comprehensive plan helps the client view the big picture of their shortand long-term goals to preserve family wealth, transfer income tax-efficiently, and create a legacy, without creating the need for sacrifices in the client’s lifestyle. Armando Wealth reviews the portfolio biannually to make timely adjustments to the existing plan.

  • What makes Armando Wealth Management’s approach different is the focus on tax strategies and risk mitigation when building a client’s financial plan. An integrated effort, which considers an investor’s risk tolerance, along with using tools to look at the future impact of client’s decisions made today

A client who sought Armando Wealth’s advisory services for efficient investment planning and better retirement life was already working with accountants, investment managers, and mortgage specialists to ensure effective cash flow management. But the siloed approach resulted in inefficient ROI. After onboarding Armando Wealth, a thorough assessment of the client’s business was conducted, and beneficial adjustments were made to their investment plan. As a result, the client leverages the knowledge of a professional to better understand their portfolio’s risk overlapping strategies in their investment plan, were able to see where they were headed with their pool of assets and how it impacted the rest of their financial plan on path to arriving to the estimated retirement goal.

Such success stories are a testament to Armando Wealth’s holistic financial planning services to help clients create a profitable financial roadmap. Armando Wealth is always ‘one call away’ whenever any individual requires support to resolve financial strategy issues.

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Marcio Armando, RFP, RFC,Principal Financial Consultant


Armando Wealth Management offers a single, holistic financial plan for its clients, which includes investments projections, income tax analysis, risk management solutions, cash flow management,estate planning, and retirement income planning. It connects all the pieces of an individual’s financial puzzle as a unified whole to build the optimal financial plan.