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Mike Mahon, CEO, Zia ConsultingMike Mahon, CEO
Document processing is tedious. The massive amounts of poorly managed content and paperwork complicates the process to a greater extent, leading to eventual business disruptions. Documents are left aimlessly on shared drives, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, USB drives, email, Dropbox and more.In the finance sector, mortgage documents can use up more than 500 pages and hundreds of different document types when it comes to processing mortgage loans. The labor-intensive processing methods utilized historically lag many steps behind in enabling banks to compete and drive success. Moreover, the upgraded regulatory requirements, as well as the improved oversight combined with consolidation and restructuring of the industries, have compelled banks to seek solutions that can modify a greater range of business processes related to mortgage documents. Zia Consulting believes that processing documents accurately and effectively is crucial for organizations to thrive. Accordingly, it offers mortgage loan automation systems for different companies across the industry. Its services accelerate revenue opportunities, improve savings, and enhanceprocess visibility for improved compliance and business intelligence.

Zia Consulting delivers a wide range of content services for multiple industries. With a focus on providing measurable business results, Zia Consulting enables businesses to witness rapid return on investment (ROI). To remove the complexity of manual activities in the documentation, and initiate a proper channelization of information towards specific business requirements, Zia emphasizes on automating the entire process and achieve happy customers.

Discovery and assessment is the head start for the process of mortgage documentation.

With a focus on providing measurable business results, Zia Consulting enables businesses to witness rapid return on investment

The company splits the ECM into four key components to help clients gather a deep understanding of the plan when it will be executed and the results that can be expected. The team conducts a thorough discovery and assessment of the ECM migration and process engineering effort required. Further, it evaluates the business processes and the use of content management and integrated technologies. Based on these understandings, Zia Consulting develops architecture and business flows for seamless migration and implementation of the solution. This is followed by a reviewing and designing session where the company reviews the proposed analysis and the initial design with IT support. Discussions and whiteboarding sessions are conducted for alignment to construct designs for the different phases of the project. Then comes the implementation phase where team Zia plans and runs the development sprints, each for a particular duration of time when a specific task is to be accomplished and sent for reviewing and its initial testing. In the hardening and user acceptance testing phase, UAT, bug fixing and tuning are done. The company then assists clients with the rollout and planning to appear live.

Zia Consulting’s collaboration witha dedicated sub-servicer of mortgage loans stands as a testimony. The client’s process of classifying mortgage assets and images was consuming an ample amount of time. Zia Consulting conducted an in-depth discussion with the client and discovered that it was in an urgent need of a solution that is configurable and scalable with an ability to rename as well as load the content into image repository. Zia’s services enabled the client to classify the newly originated loans and index by filename and image. They are further uploaded to the image repository automatically.

Zia Consulting has proved its dexterity in content management, especially in mortgage. Going forward, it will seek better ways to cater to the changing needs of the customers with time.

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Zia Consulting And Crawford Technologies Partner To Provide Exceptional Customer Communications Content Archive, Access And Usability

Boulder, CO: Zia Consulting, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and intelligent document capture business solutions, and Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve, and manage customer communications, have announced a partnership to provide expanded usability to clients’ existing ECM systems.

“We look forward to working with Zia in implementing the client-facing efficiencies of our CCM Gateway solution,” said Ernie Crawford, President and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “The combination of Zia and CrawfordTech’s specific expertise will allow organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by reducing or eliminating dependence on siloed legacy systems”.

With the ever-increasing amount of content being generated, companies are looking for ways to not only effectively work with new content, but also to access and store content that isn’t currently in use. In many enterprises, content is living in multiple platforms and repositories requiring end users to access multiple systems to retrieve what they need.

Crawford Technologies’ CCM Gateway answers the challenge of quickly and efficiently distributing bills, invoices and other customer-facing documents. Using Crawford Technologies’ transformation, indexing and document classification techniques, organizations can now easily move from problematic legacy storage systems to a modern, cloud-based, natively web-enabled format for immediate distribution and integration with other applications.

In addition, Crawford Technologies helps companies meet their accessibility requirements to support reasonable accommodation and ensure legal compliance, and to provide all customers with the complete and accurate information to which they are entitled. For the blind, partially-sighted, and for those with cognitive disabilities, the ability to access bills, statements, and other transactional documents in the format that they request is a legal requirement and a way to ensure customer loyalty. Governments and corporations alike are seeking to eliminate the barriers in providing reasonable accommodation for customer communications.

“We’re thrilled to have Crawford Technologies on board to make it possible for us to connect our existing partners to other commonly used interfaces like Alfresco,” said Ryan McVeigh, managing partner at Zia Consulting. “Not only will this increase our offerings, but it also means we can create solutions that meet Section 508 and other accessibility standards.”