[x]cube LABS: Sophisticated and Secure Banking Apps

Bharath Lingam, CEO, x cube LABSBharath Lingam, CEO
Gamification has no doubt, changed the way businesses interact with their customers. A good app contains all functionalities it is expected to have, but a great app also focuses on its UI. The UI makes the app enjoyable and motivating for the users to make frequent use of, at the same time, also generate revenue for companies. Bharath Lingam, CEO of [x]cube LABS, started off early with a vision to tap this potential of mobile computing and smart phones in the banking sector, providing end-to-end solutions in mobile application development, creating hundreds of successful apps and changing the Application-as-a-Service scenario for good.

Ideally poised, [x]cube LABS delivers best-in-class mobility solutions to its clients and helps them win the race for market advantage by leveraging the convergence of mobile, IoT, social, cloud, and analytics for developing their products. The company has developed a banking platform that offers person-to-person (P2P) and point-of-sale payments, customer procurement, and also performs traditional tasks like depositing or transferring money. With a deep understanding of the banking industry and customer insights gained from direct engagements with multiple banks and their customers, coupled with robust technology capabilities like cloud-hosted platforms, [x]cube LABS helps to facilitate millions of transactions every day.

[x]cube LABS follows complete adherence to banking formalities, data integrity, and consumer privacy regulations, reciprocating the values of an actual bank while ensuring security and reliability. Banking solutions currently offered are ‘Mobile Payment Solution’, a platform enabling P2P payments, real-time remote merchant payments, remittances, mobile wallets, and POS payments; ‘Mobile Check Deposit Solutions’, a platform to deposit checks; ‘Mobile Banking solution’, providing banking facilities like managing transactions and making investments; and ‘Mobile Customer On-boarding Solutions’ to ensure a smooth on-boarding process for new customers.

[x]cube LABS is also eagerly developing apps for wearable tech like smart watches and Google Glass

Effectively replacing the traditional methods of performing these tasks that involve a cost to the bank and efforts for its customers, [x] cube LABS’ solution provides better ROI and cuts costs and efforts—a win-win situation.

For instance, one of their customers, a retail store struggled with customers often lined-up in queues and limited staff processing hundreds of transactions. [x] cube LABS innovated on this situation with ‘Smart Mobile Card Reader’, that when attached to any mobile phone alongside [x]cube LABS’ app, can be used as a regular card swiping machine. Using this ingenious technology, the salesmen were able to process payments on the spot and the customers walked away happily. This innovation shaped the current modes of payment in the market, and led many banks to not only see mobility as an enabler toward greater customer access to their services, but also as a game changer.

As mobile banking goes mainstream, banks need to adopt newer approaches to optimally leverage mobile technology. “This is an early stage for the market as a whole, and there is a lot of opportunity for market expansion,” Lingam says. All information and monetary transactions in the near future will be over mobile applications or any other internet-based system. [x]cube LABS is also eagerly developing apps for wearable tech like smart watches and Google Glass incorporating voice commands, push notifications, and gestures, marking a new beginning of possibilities. As mobility takes the center stage in technical infrastructure of banks, business processes are being reengineered and new models are explored every day and [x]cube LABS is pioneering the unchartered world of this mobile-led banking era.