FIS: Delivering Secure and Reliable Mobile Banking Solutions

, FIS As the usage of mobile internet explodes, ubiquitous mobile banking is marking a strategic shift in the banking industry. Displacing the use of other banking channels like home-based online banking, mobile banking provides a platform for mobile payments and protects financial institutions’ retail payments businesses from digital disruption. Gary Norcross, President and CEO, FIS believes that with FIS’s banking and payments technologies, mobilization gains an intriguing extension of the existing banking services. FIS’s mobile banking offers customers the ability to manage their money with confidence and convenience.

FIS’s solutions are seamlessly compatible across all mobile operating systems—iPhone, Android and U.S. phone carriers. To extend security, FIS solutions include multi-factor authentication, device timeout, and flexibility to support the unique standards of each institution, without storing any personal data on the device. “Our solution allows customers to deposit checks on their mobile device by leveraging the power, risk protection, and fraud mitigation of FIS Xpress Deposit (FXD),” asserts Norcross.

FIS delivers a portfolio of mobile financial services for the clients to achieve the highest ROI, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The company’s mobile business banking is designed with the capabilities to bring a complete business banking experience, which includes the facility of mobile check deposit. The solution’s tight integration with FIS Business eBanking (BeB) and core solutions enables customers to remember only one set of secure credentials. In addition, FIS mobile banking includes tablet banking application that provides access to multiple accounts, a display of relevant offers or marketing messages, and tools that can be customized by financial institutions. It also offers users a richer experience, taking advantage of the larger screen and optimized visual interaction on the tablet device.

Further, the FIS Mobile Wallet with Cardless Cash—a cloud-based platform offers financial institutions the control of branding and user-experience within the application. This solution facilitates customers to add debit, credit, stored value, and loyalty cards, as well as redeem mobile coupons. For example, the FIS Mobile Wallet app enables customers to pay at the Point of Sale (POS) or pre-order cash for withdrawal at a participating ATM.
Not only this, FIS allows financial institutions to serve the needs of all of their prepaid cardholders with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile prepaid solution. Customers who use prepaid cards can control their money–anytime, anywhere, as the alerts and messaging help them track spending. Thus, the company provides financial institutions the opportunity to engage unbanked and under-banked consumers who are most likely to access the internet using a mobile phone.
For instance, BMO Harris Bank required a mobile solution that could help them acquire new customers and drive value to their existing customers. On leveraging FIS’s efficient suite of stable mobile solutions, the bank was able to provide platform for innovation. “Our customers were delighted by the convenience and security of depositing checks with their phone,” cited Dough Peacock, VP, BMO Harris Bank. FIS mobile banking solution also assisted their customers for easy navigation, thereby maximizing the banks investment.

We deliver a portfolio of mobile financial services for the clients to achieve the highest ROI, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Alongside providing highly valued mobile features for banking, FIS’s latest security features give institutions satisfaction that their customer data, transactions and reputation are protected. Moving ahead, FIS aspires to continue driving unparalleled satisfaction by connecting customers to their finances through mobile. The company plans to continue offering the strategic innovation, new product development, product integration, and expertise that drive our industry’s progress and enable clients to meet the increasing pace of change in the global marketplace.