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Abhinav Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO , Value3 AdvisoryAbhinav Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO
What happens when a trading, financial risk & technology professional crosses paths with an expert in regulatory and quant finance? The financial landscape is discussed at length, market gaps are identified, and on occasion, the seeds of a new company are sown. One such meeting occurred in Singapore in September 2012 between two financial experts with a demonstrated experience in trading, risk management, technology, quant finance and regulatory compliance —Abhinav Mishra and Christoph Brodowicz. Over the next four years, following the quote of Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it”, the duo combined their prowess and refined their ideas to lay the foundation of Value3 Advisory, an end-to-end risk management and robo-advisory solution provider with a customer-centric approach.

“Expertise alone is not sufficient, not in the age of digital transformation. We founded Value3 with an aim to building products that provide sustainable long-term value to our clients, merging a crystal clear understanding of the markets we are serving with our expertise in automation,” informs Abhinav, co-founder and CEO of Value3 Advisory. “Based on the detailed understanding of our client’s issues, their user profiles, user experience, and pain points, we use our industry experience and passion for technology to build niche solutions as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.”

As Artificial Intelligence takes progressive steps and matures as a technology for real-world applications, Value3 is spearheading its adoption in the financial industry to unbundle the information and insights hidden in the abundance of scattered data—structured as well as unstructured, by marrying client business requirements with top-notch technology architecture design and demystifying the “blackiness” of AI. The company serves managers handling investment, wealth, portfolios, investor relationships, and risks across a variety of segments in the financial industry. Value3 facilitates product innovation and niche application of AI and big data analytics in the financial risk and investment management area focused on the credit and fixed-income space. The company’s flagship product, algoCRED, is an AI-powered financial markets platform to empower investment and risk managers in their day-to-day decision-making. The platform furnishes a fully automated solution for independent credit rating, credit research, predictive analytics, deep data insights, portfolio monitoring, and credit signals on market trends and sentiment. algoCRED also offers a conversational robo-advisory chatbot, recommendation engine, text mining, and a smart search engine custom-built for fixed-income/ credit market insights, macro, and industry trends.

Independent, Transparent, Predictive, Automated— We identify risk insights from structured and unstructured data to empower investment and risk managers and make the power of AI accessible to all financial market participants

The robo-advisory chatbot service on Value3’s algoCRED platform provides an interactive on-demand digital interface for risk-related advice. The algoCRED search engine examines and monitors portfolio companies and generates fully automated reports on them with its in-house module that utilises predictive analysis of diverse data sources, including financial disclosures, regulatory filings, AGM reports, default trend, geopolitics, news, demographics, online reviews, market sentiment and ecommerce. The algo-based approach combines structured and unstructured big data sources, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), quantitative research, and multi-level model calibration and validation techniques to ensure high accuracy and precision. The platform comprises an Insights Dashboard for deep data insights, smart search, signals, and analytics on credit trends and sentiment across countries, industries and specific exposures.

The holistic algoCRED AI-platform combines financial data with unstructured online digital footprints, news and events of the companies from diverse sources to transform data overload to actionable insights. It aids users in understanding corporate and bond markets as well as the trends affecting their asset allocation and ability to generate alpha or detect emerging risks early on. “We assist our clients in blending their traditional approach with the latest technology while ensuring independence, transparency, consistency and cost-efficiency pertaining to MiFID II unbundling requirements,” explains Abhinav. “Our platform assists portfolio and risk managers to be ahead of the market, by deciphering non-linear relationships, uncovering high-dimensional generalizable patterns like market shifts, and reducing cognitive and emotional biases in their decision making.”

With the support of the academia and the FinTech ecosystem, Value3 has founded the Value3 FinTech Research Consortium in collaboration with Imperial College London, Singapore Management University, and Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. The Consortium aids ongoing research in the ML, NLP, deep reinforcement learning, model validation, explainable AI and their applications in financial market. “Not everybody is a PhD, mathematician or technology expert—we are taking initiative to enable the broad financial services community to understand and harness the power of AI,” adds Abhinav.

With multiple industry awards and accolades to their name, including Most Innovative FinTech product Award, Value3 relentlessly focuses on their customer needs to build and improve their products, services, and support to ensure customer delight. For the future, the company aims to expand coverage across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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About Value3 Advisory

Value3 Advisory

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Abhinav Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO


Value3 is a B2B FinTech offering capital markets AI-platform for independent, predictive, and fully automated credit ratings, research, and analytics. The platform combines financial data with unstructured online digital footprints, news, events, trends, and patterns of the companies from diverse sources to transform data overload into actionable insights. Risk management technology, credit risk advisory, quantitative research, banking regulation, Basel IV, IFRS 9, executive risk management workshops, artificial intelligence, chatbot, fintech, predictive analytics, sentiment analytics, credit rating, and credit research are some of Value3’s solution offerings