TTEC: Exceptional Customer Experience through Omni-channel Technology

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Steve Pollema, Executive Vice President, TTECSteve Pollema, Executive Vice President
Digital disruption is causing a seismic shift in the customer service landscape as the demand for integrated and frictionless customer experience is accelerating. Today, companies around the world increasingly realize the importance of delivering exceptional customer service for their brands. As such, organizations—irrespective of the industry—are investing heavily in digital transformation, which is enabled by cloud, AI, ML, RPA, and omnichannel technology. TTEC, a global customer experience company that builds exceptional omnichannel customer experiences, is helping clients create meaningful connections with end-customers and deliver seamless experiences. By unifying its core capabilities—technology, services, and strategy—TTEC Digital’s omnichannel solutions help brands orchestrate superior customer experience within and across every touch-point. The firm also offers strategic consulting services, AI offerings, CRM development, and systems integration services to help improve productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction throughout the consumers’ lifecycle.

TTEC’s solutions enable internal systems to operate together and deliver flawless experiences for employees and customers alike. “A true omnichannel experience allows customers to jump around channels without repeating their issues or queries,” mentions Steve Pollema, the executive vice president at TTEC Digital. As such, the solutions are designed to work across different channels, and direct customer queries to the optimal channel during interactions. For instance, the firm offers a chat window proactively so that companies can assist the customer without disrupting the user experience. Co-browsing via the chat window allows the service executive to view the same screen as that of the customer and review their journey. Moreover, using a unified communications (UC) architecture, which offers businesses multiple tools, the firm helps enterprises improve contact between the employees and consumers, as well as, across various devices.

We direct customer queries to the most appropriate channel and optimize their interaction for better experience

For instance, TTEC’s omnichannel cloud solutions can integrate inbound and outbound voice communications with chat, web collaboration, email, and social media.

“To augment the interactions with customers, TTEC leverages the computational power of AI as well,” mentions Pollema. TTEC’s approach to AI and automation balances human intuition and creativity with the computational power and efficiency of digital technology. TTEC utilizes Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) to empower employees and deliver seamless service experiences that enable hyper-personalization, increase response time, and improve accuracy. For instance, TTEC’s “Associate Assist” solution is capable of assisting customer service associates in monitoring their conversations with customers. The solution scans through customer data and suggests the next best action or response, in real-time. “Data gives us the visibility and power to make digital interactions successful,” says Pollema. Additionally, the solution establishes a closed-loop, AI-enhanced, self-training knowledge base. Not only does this approach helps in training new associates but also improves their accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. Moreover, clients achieve a reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) by 20 percent, improvement in First Contact Resolution (FCR) by up to 10 percent, and increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) by nearly 15 percent with TTEC’s offerings.

When it comes to deployment, TTEC adopts a scalable approach that enables its clients to keep pace with the growing consumer demand. “The ability to deploy the solutions through public, private, and hybrid cloud environments is one of our key differentiators,” states Pollema. To connect more effectively with the omnichannel customer base, TTEC helps its clients move to cloud-based solutions that will unify systems, channels, and processes. The cloud capabilities also enable companies to optimize functionality and manage costs effectively.

“Our offerings have enabled us to uniquely differentiate ourselves in a market where customer experience has never been more important,” states Pollema. TTEC is currently expanding its global footprint to support onshore, near-shore, and offshore capabilities. “We will continue to evolve our solutions and services to lead the future of digital transformation and create captivating customer experiences,” concludes Pollema.