Treehouse Technology Group: A Value-driven Data Solutions Provider

Philip Wess, CEO, Treehouse Technology GroupPhilip Wess, CEO
A strict regulatory environment and increasing demands from customers have led the banking and financial services industry to adopt new technologies. Banks and financial institutions are espousing technology-based solutions to be able to refine their services, ensure transparency and regulatory compliance, and understand their customer base better. However, to implement the right technology, these financial institutions need to look for a suitable partner that can help them yield impressive results, scalability, competitiveness, and growth. Such a strategic partner is Boston-based Treehouse Technology Group that works with banking and financial services firms to leverage appropriate technology solutions for their specific business needs and challenges.

Treehouse is a technology strategy as well as software development and integration firm that provides both product and strategy consulting along with technical implementation and project execution support. The company has an independent approach to delivering technology solutions and works with firms to define, deliver, and execute their technology strategies. Treehouse develops and implements customized data solutions to improve efficiencies, manage risks, and detect frauds, in addition to assuring more personalized customer service. From automating different business processes and workflows to providing visibility into vast amount of disparate data, Treehouse’s customized solutions are designed to help banks make the most of what technology has to offer.

The company focuses on different aspects of banking and finance industry, and one of these crucial aspects is know your customer (KYC). With regards to KYC, Treehouse has implemented a multitude of blockchain projects over the past 18 months. “We recognized the need for a better positive digital identification of individuals within the banking industry to ensure that KYC information is captured appropriately,” mentions Philip Wess, CEO, Treehouse. The firm has also partnered with GuideIT, a Dallas-based IT Managed Services provider to address issues related to Anti-money Laundering (“AML”) and Bank Securities Act (“BSA”) compliance. Federal regulators have started to encourage the sharing of BSA compliance resources through “collaborative arrangements” in order to promote efficiencies and better manage banking compliance operations. As a result, Treehouse, along with GuideIT, a Perot company, is also working toward developing a software solution to eliminate the operational burden and cost for banks, promote secure data sharing and collaboration and provide exceptional value by reducing compliance costs and improving the speed and quality of regulatory reporting.

Treehouse has an independent approach to delivering technology solutions and works with firms to define, deliver, and execute their technology strategies

These solutions will directly reduce the need for a regional bank to employ additional staff to manage increasingly complex regulatory compliance.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Treehouse works with organizations of varying sizes across many industries to leverage appropriate value-driven data technology offerings to fulfil their specific business needs. It provides Automation-as-a-Service that helps to automate business practices, lower operational costs and improve data quality to meet ever-changing and complex regulatory requirements. Automation-as-a-Service solutions allow business owners and managers to focus on what they do best – which is growing and running their business.

“We are not a ‘development for hire’ company. We first create a strategy and then utilize it to build software at the mid-market level, and that’s where we stand out,” says Wess. Treehouse focuses on business value first, aligning clients’ strategy with their specific technical needs, before providing a technology roadmap to implement the mutually established vision. That is why Treehouse is extremely excited about working with GuideIT. GuideIT brings economies of scale, professionalism, and domain expertise that compliments Treehouse’s specialties, which is bring value-driven data solutions to life. Together, we are partnering to tackle the small and mid-sized business market because there is such a high demand for tailored data and IT solutions.

We go the extra mile for our clients employing off-the-shelf solutions, which do not meet their requirements. In such a case, the company offers custom application development to solve complex business problems of its clients. Many of the banks continue to use outdated systems, and Treehouse has worked with financial institutions to perform data migrations from one backend data or accounting system to another. The company has also completely digitized a financial institution’s customer onboarding process, capturing their KYC information including regulatory requirements as well as information related to electronic signatures, deposits, and money orders from other banks. Treehouse implements broker management solutions to better understand clients’ risk portfolio and creates specific KYC applications as well as CRM systems for banks.

Currently, Treehouse is working on a joint venture with a blockchain based, bitcoin mining company to develop a miner management solution for its customers. In 2019, the firm envisions improving the operational metrics of the banking industry by building regulatory software and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.