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Dr. Roger Newman, CEO, TargetDr. Roger Newman, CEO
The mortgage industry has struggled for a long time due to the tight regulatory norms, making it more complex than it should be. The rules and regulations are dynamic which makes it necessary for the industry to update its operations regularly. Most mortgage providers do not possess the required skilled task force for carrying out the loan application process, underwriting and audits. To remain competitive and profitable, many lenders often prefer to outsource their mortgage process. Target Group- a mortgage and loan servicing solution provider, does the same in a very efficient manner.

Target Group is one of the leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing and Operational transformation, which is specialized in lending, investment, and savings services. Goldman Sachs, Yorkshire Building Society, DVLA, and many other brands rely upon it for managing their lending and investment portfolios. The Target Group aims to help its clients become more effective, and transform their customer journey and operations by seamlessly managing their entire loan lifecycle. It enables its clients to generate and maintain a competitive advantage and grow their business. In August 2016, Tech Mahindra, a multinational specialist acquired Target Group which widened its propositions and services.

Target Group offers residential mortgage servicing, commercial loan servicing, and commercial mortgage servicing. It supports secure loans, unsecured loans, motor finances, and retail finances. Its team enables clients to reduce risks, bring products into the market swiftly, manage the portfolio of the company while ensuring standards of customer service, and remove operational obstacles. They offer in-depth analysis and reports for an efficient decision-making process.

In today’s time, lenders are continuously updating their proposition to remain competitive. Target Group enables its clients to focus on improving their core proposition staying updated with the latest developments in the market. It provides technology, operational consultancy, and transformation. Customers can use their software as managed services or fully outsource it.

Target Group offers Business Process Management that enables its costumes to achieve rapid business improvement. It reduces the processing time of the operations, improves control and visibility to stakeholders, standardised the entire operations and maintenance, improves customer satisfaction, reduces expenditure, and enables easy management of complex processes. The entire process is streamlined in a way that works best for the clients. It also offers analysis to highlight the weaknesses of the client’s operations and suggest improvements. Being in partnership with Appian for 8 years, Target Group enables its clients to use Appian’s IBPM products for improving business management.

Target Group also offers Business Process Outsourcing which enables even new businesses to reduce expenditure by reducing fixed expenditure in staff, IT systems and avoiding significant investment in servicing infrastructure. It's Mortgage and Loan Service Solutions offer software that manages multiple products on a single platform, enabling the clients to control and oversee the entire operations from a single dashboard. It also offers Portfolio Trading through which it enables its clients to maximize their assets while buying, selling, or holding loan portfolios. The Mortgage Hub, designed by behavioural scientists using Atomic Design Principles, enables the client to have a stable and fully transparent mortgage experience.

  • Target Group has a record of providing the best solutions and highest quality customer service to its clients, enabling them to focus more on their operations which tackle the complexities associated with the mortgage industry.

Liberty Mutual was facing challenges with resource allocation and maintaining its operations. With the help of Target Group’s outsourcing services, Liberty Mutual was able to successfully re-allocate their resources effectively, and reduce their cost. Target Group ensured that regulatory obligations and customer service requirements were met and valuable resources were saved.

Target Group has a record of providing the best solutions and highest quality customer service to its clients, enabling them to focus more on their operations which tackle the complexities associated with the mortgage industry. With its versatile mortgage solutions, the Target Group will strengthen the mortgage industry for good.

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Dr. Roger Newman, CEO


Target Group are a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing and operational transformation, specialising in the provision of lending, investments and savings services. Over 50 major financial services providers rely on it to manage their lending and investment portfolios including Shawbrook Bank, Goldman Sachs, Yorkshire Building Society, DVLA and Credit Suisse. The company’s specialist third party outsourcing operation provides loan and investment administration back-office services to banks and portfolio owners and is rated as ‘Above Average’ by Standard & Poor’s