Sesame Software: A Simplified Approach to Data Recovery

Rick Banister, Founder & CEO, Sesame SoftwareRick Banister, Founder & CEO
Enterprises across industries are starting to recognize the need for recovery and restoration of critical data as they experience or hear of massive data loss incidents among businesses. Many of these organizations lack the capabilities to timely recover the lost data. Sesame Software, a Santa Clara, California-based technology firm, focuses on helping such enterprise customers transition to backup and recovery solutions for cloud-based applications without the traditional challenges of time, effort, and capital.

Sesame Software was established in an effort to handle the obstacles faced by businesses in need of fast, efficient data recovery solutions while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. He states, “I had the opportunity to gain vast technical knowledge in the practical application of data integrations early in my career and I have used that experience to create the tools necessary to map out recovery and compliance solutions for many different customers, without the limitations of legacy platforms.” Sesame Software has built an architecture that combines data warehousing capabilities to address the reporting and integration requirements of customers, giving them the ability to create an instant database when they need it most. According to Banister, in most environments, business users have database systems in place, but critical information cannot be recovered easily. Sesame Software has developed the tools necessary to create point-in-time recovery of any data in

The company has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of major enterprise customers in addressing their data recovery needs. One of the company’s successful projects involves a large bank that initially became its customer in 2005.

We’ve developed the tools necessary to create point-in-time recovery of any data in

Banister received a call in the middle of the night from a programmer concerned about a reconfiguration completed by a manager. During that process, nearly half of the client’s data records, including customers’ account information, was deleted inadvertently. Banister was able to guide the programmer through the data recovery process with the help of Sesame Software’s platform, and they successfully recovered the data by the time the client’s firm reopened in the morning. Banister states, “Not only is that customer still using our data recovery and compliance tools, but that instance opened up several doors for Sesame Software based on our ability to get the job done when it was critical to business operations.”

Sesame Software has had a long history of innovation in data recovery, rooted in its expansive knowledge of clients’ needs. In the upcoming year, the company plans to extend its reach while leaning firmly on its foundation of backup and recovery and business intelligence through data warehousing. A major part of the company’s roadmap includes the release of an enhanced version of its recovery and compliance tool, called Relational Junction Warehouse Builder. The updated tool will be released as a superset of the company’s current product for, expanding to cover any data source while simultaneously putting self-service at the helm. It will give business users the option to search for records and complete recovery themselves or get the help of an IT team when it’s needed.

The company’s driving force behind such a robust set of tools for its clients is built on an understanding of their needs in the digital age. Banister concludes, “We have the most comprehensive solution, one that never deletes data, keeps all versions, can be used for reporting requirements, and offers timely and user-friendly recovery in-line with the compliance needs.”