Rothschild Investment Corporation: Generations of Trust

Richard F. Karger, Chairman and CEO, Rothschild Investment CorporationRichard F. Karger, Chairman and CEO
For over a hundred and thirteen years now, Rothschild Investment Corporation has been providing superior wealth management and retirement planning guidance to its clients locally and across the United States. Although investment options have changed since the founding of the firm in 1908, the basic tenants of investing have remained the same. Throughout its journey, Rothschild has remained consistent through various investing trends and helped clients achieve their investment objectives withprudent investments, diversification, and thoughtful risk management. As a result, Rothschild has been very successful in maintaining relationships with multiple generations of the same family. “We keep real continuity from generation to generation and build relationships with different generations as their needs change,” states Richard F. Karger, chairman, and CEO of Rothschild Investment Corporation.

With that specific need in mind, Richard brought on a younger partner, James A. Franke, CFA, 10 years ago to help insure that Rothschild’s rich legacy of superior investment management service would continue for future generations.“ Rothschild’s ability to customize investment solutions for each client’s specific goals allows us to successfully serve the investing needs of all generations of clients,” says Franke. As many of Richard’s earliest clients have shifted their attention to leaving a legacy for younger generations, he felt it was important that the firm had the resources to assist with the transfer of wealth and continue the firm’s role as a trusted advisor.

The hallmark of success for Rothschild Investment Corporation has always been the way they treat clients. “This business is centered on personal relationships and providing high-quality client service,” adds Karger.

Because of the relationships that we have built with families and their loyalty towards us, we continue managing their money

For instance, last summer during the pandemic, Richard had lunch with his very first investment advisory client. Forty-five years ago, the client started with a hundred thousand dollars, and today even after withdrawing over $3 million, the value of the account exceeds $4.6 million. A few years ago, the client also introduced his nephew to Rothschild. “Because of the relationships that we have built with families and their loyalty towards us, we continue managing their families’ money,” asserts Karger. One of the firm’s unique qualities is how they value generational continuity for their clients by setting up investment teams of different generations so that the older generation feels confident in passing on the stewardship of their assets to the next generation of Rothschild advisors.

The team at Rothschild Investment Corporation boasts of professionals with strong educational and practical backgrounds. Out of 40 employees at Rothschild Investment Corporation, half of them are portfolio managers or financial advisors, and a majority of the financial advisors are also the owners of the firm. “We look at it as a collaborative effort and we try to help each other put together the best comprehensive investment program for our clients,” says Karger. The experience of the team at Rothschild provided tremendous value to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, where through regular communications with clients, they were able to successfully navigate the volatile markets of 2020.

Because Rothschild does minimal advertising most new clients are introduced to the firm by third party professionals like accountants and attorneys who have seen the success their other clients have enjoyed at Rothschild, referrals from existing clients, or through personal acquaintances of Rothschild’s advisors.

Forging ahead, Rothschild seeks to build on its over 100-year history as prudent stewards of capital by meeting the needs of the next generation of investors. The company is also entertaining inquiries about investments in the firm as it could ultimately help them better serve their clients down the road.

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Rothschild Investment Corporation

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