Risk Focus: Hybrid-Cloud Orchestration Experts

Brian Lynch, CEO Vassil Avramov, Founder & CTO , Risk FocusBrian Lynch, CEO Vassil Avramov, Founder & CTO
With changing business dynamics, especially the increased costs and reduced margins, firms in the banking industry are having to be more agile in terms of adopting newer technologies to enhance their business process, but have been behind on the Public Cloud adoption. “Cloud Technology has changed the software delivery model and the agility and speed to deploy new software,” begins Brian Lynch, CEO, Risk Focus. However, many banks face difficulties to transition to cloud and are still relying on internal virtualization. “We are moving clients from virtualization of a single piece of hardware and shifting to scalable, provisioning on demand offered by the cloud. The value of that is not just reducing hardware costs, it is the efficiency and streamlining of the SDLC process. The challenge is not to get to the cloud: it is to deliver SaaS rapidly and the cloud is just the vehicle,” says Vassil Avramov, Founder and CTO, Risk Focus.

With an aim to address this challenge, Risk Focus, a New York, NY based firm delivers trading, risk, and cloud-enabling solutions to the global capital markets. Risk Focus offers advisory and best practices and the tools that help organizations enhance their banking infrastructure and applications. “Our long term exposure to client’s challenges gives us unique insight into the current practices they follow and how they can be improved using the Cloud,” states Lynch. The company brings together its understanding of traditional application delivery with the services and tools the cloud offers for a complete and informed Cloud enablement offering. The client’s end-to-end delivery processes are optimized by leveraging agile methodologies with leading cloud technologies. “We don’t focus on any one product but rather on helping clients string together the various components,” asserts Avramov.Risk Focus helps financial firms maximize the value of their existing infrastructure investments and still leverage the tremendous potential of the cloud, both private and public.

Through this, the goal is to automate the lifecycle of complex financial applications by leveraging the next generation tool chained together in a robust way. “We enable continuous delivery or one-click deployments across either bare-metal servers or IaaS providers,” Avramov adds. In addition to implementing the underlying cloud infrastructure, the company helps clients build new, cloud-ready applications or refactor existing applications to take advantage of cloud platforms. Risk Focus is a cloud company itself, it offers Validate. Trade, a comprehensive GTR Emulation and Data Validation Engine. “We offer the software in a traditional way where it can be installed within the banks, or in a scalable, hosted managed service on Amazon’s AWS,” says Lynch. Validate.

Our long term exposure to the client’s challenges gives us unique insight into the current practices they follow and how they can be improved using the Cloud

Trade helps organizations meet the compliance requirements of global regulatory trade reporting supporting automated testing, monitoring, diagnostics and reporting. “Our hands on experience and best-of-breed approach sets us apart from the competition,” claims Lynch. “We build, run and understand banking applications. We deliver enterprise risk management solutions, supporting large scale computational problems in the most efficient way.” In a recent case study, Risk Focus helped a global bank overcome its hardware provisioning issues which until recently could take months. “Through a robust implementation of both open source and commercial tools, we helped the client move from months to minutes for provisioning new servers,” he adds.

With its offices in New York, London and Riga, Latvia, Risk Focus aims to continue helping financial organizations solve enterprise-class platforms, increasingly using the cloud to do so. “I believe Risk Focus will be a leader in this space as we build and host cloudbased solutions ourselves and help our Capital Markets clients take advantage of the same technologies to streamline and improve their internal infrastructure and processes,” Lynch concludes.