Rezilyens: Unleashing the 'Adversity as an Advantage'

Ranghan Venkatraman, CEO, RezilyensRanghan Venkatraman, CEO The Rezilyens Birth Story

Every great business founder has an origin story to tell...

For Ranghan Venkatraman, that story began when he lost his dad at the age of fifteen, transforming him from fragile to ‘robust’.

The next life-changing moment came about when his son was diagnosed with autism, transforming him now from robust to ‘resilient’.

The ultimate ‘anti-fragility’ moment came when he hit rock bottom on the entrepreneurship front due to a ‘black swan’ event that pushed him again to climb to great heights by unleashing the ‘adversity as an advantage’.

The inspiration and learning from failure have had a profound influence on Ranghan and says ‘rock bottom’ became the solid foundation on which he rebuilt his life again.

Today, he regularly ‘fires himself’ at the end of each day and ‘rehires himself’ the first thing morning after. This he believes is the only sure way to replace the ‘heaviness of success or setback’ that each day brings with the ‘lightness of a beginner’.

Ranghan explains that working at “Rezilyens is like Special Forces, we take on projects that others have deemed difficult, impossible or high risk–it’s cool to be Special Forces, but … it’s not for everyone.”

As a 25+-year veteran of management consulting and Fortune 500 C-level experience, Ranghan is a sought-after C-Suite executive advisor/coach and also serves as a sounding board to innovate through complex solutions for growing advanced leadership skills, as well as leading through times of uncertainty, growth, change or to take things to the next level.

Rezilyens DNA–Improving Everything We Touch!

First, Rezilyens’ insurgent mission (‘why’) is to ‘anti-fragile’ the C-suite problem (e.g., revenue, profits etc.) leveraging ‘data’ as a key ingredient to enable a differentiated, discrete, dominant or disruptive strategy

Looking under the hood of Rezilyens, we were able to clearly see how it has continued to maintain an extreme owner’s mindset and deeply embedded this lasting source of strength in everything it does. According to Ranghan, there can be little of greater importance to a growing company than its unique reason for existing, its insurgency, and the expansion that mission enables. It all starts with the Rezilyens owner’s mindset at its best that is squarely focused on the long term, with a strong bias to speed and action, and demands that personal responsibility that guides business decisions and actions.

"Ranghan says that any form of risk taking, and a true north innovation is possible only if one is able to think and act ‘10X’, suspend disbelief and truly compete with oneself"

Rezilyens achieves it through extreme ownership, eliminating cynicism and a relentless drive to continuously ‘improve everything that is touched’ by at least 1 percent each day with the goal of an aggregate improvement of about 400 percent year over year. The primary goal here is to leave everything in a significantly better place than we took it.


Second, Rezilyens applies its insurgent mission (‘how’) by leveraging its indigenous platform AppIntTM to creatively solve C-suite client problems powered by pure human ingenuity, design thinking AI, Blockchain, IoT, and advanced analytics.

For instance, a company operating in an incredibly dynamic market may face a stall-out because they have grown in complexity, slow down, and lost a clear sense of their business insurgency along the way.

Rezilyens is an experiential and personalized ‘Intelligence-as-a-Service’ brand delivering high impact consequential outcomes and enabling the capture of unprecedented value with its ‘Red Carpet’ program.

Such companies have difficulty keeping complexity under control and attempt transformation in the reverse order, only to get trapped in the weeds; therefore, we re-direct them to what really drives most transformations: the reduction of high-level complexity and cost with AppIntTM, in concert with a renewal of the insurgency across our customer.

Unmasking the Rezilyens Mystique

Third, The Rezilyens insurgent mission (‘what’) is to enable enterprises to break away from the ‘path of sameness’ and reimagine status quo not just designing better products and services but designing better and more valuable customers.

At the core, it all starts with Rezilyens being extremely ambitious for its customer, so it works tirelessly to align its customer vision and its assets to shape new forms of value for its clients. Ranghan says understanding the subtle orchestrations, rhythms, and movements that set high performers apart are key to harnessing innovation of ‘designing customers’ not just new products, new services, and new user experiences.

To be clear, Rezilyens is not the typical technology ‘services-solutions-products-platforms’ provider with a “herd mentality”; they have in every way possible innovated by being ambitious for its customers and simply put, this razor focus has redefined its sense of purpose and innovation practices—which is not just designing better products and services, but ‘designing better and more valuable customers’.

What if? Putting Deep Insights to Work

Ranghan firmly beliefs that the unmet and unarticulated needs today represent the winning value propositions of the future. Knowing which needs are unmet—which desired outcomes are underserved—enables Rezilyens to secure a unique value proposition for its customers. Rezilyens AppIntTM is an intelligent technology and human ingenuity applied framework—across every business function and process—to decipher insights on why customers are underserved, along with the dimensions they are underserved, and to what degree. AppIntTM coupled with first of its kind ‘opportunity algorithm’ platform (Trigger Happy) can define the value proposition for its clients in a way that communicates its intent and ability to address all the unmet needs at will, at scale, at once. Put simply, Ranghan says why reinvent the wheel? Innovation does not mean invention. Innovation is the ability to use data and technology to address the outcomes that its customers really value–i.e., hidden growth opportunities that are many a time missed by even big, and well-established companies.

When Doubts Diminish and Spirits Soar

Ranghan says that ‘the Brain Does Not Pay Attention to Boring Things’ and typically only remembers the emotional components of an experience better than any other aspect. Rezilyens leverages neuroscience together with AppIntTM to solving C-Suite problems to create emotionally charged events, which is the equivalent of a mental Post-it Note for the brain. He says no matter how sensational you think your product is, nobody is going to care if the message you’re using to communicate the product’s benefits is dry, confusing, and convoluted. That’s why when the brain detects an emotionally charged event (e.g., joy, fear, surprise), the amygdala releases the neurotransmitter dopamine into the system that greatly aids memory and information processing. This makes marketing messages ‘stick’ better and last a lot longer. Thanks to AppIntTM powered by the platform ‘Trigger Happy’ and human augmented AI.

All Valuable Companies are Different

Ranghan says that business version of the conventional question is also one of the worst clichés in business: companies needs to be different and stand out from the crowd. We, as human beings, love to create boxes to fit things in. In business, this usually takes the form of a two by two matrix.

In almost every single category of business, a market leader defines itself by one or two qualities, and then the rest of the market follows suit. However, he adds that when we understand how the world’s best brands can take a point of difference and turn it into a competitive advantage, we can turn a cliché into profits for our customers. But the story doesn’t end there. Ranghan says at Rezilyens, we push the ‘conventional’ wisdom to a ‘contrarian’ question by asking how we can get our customers to not only create a lot of value but also become very valuable themselves. He says that for example all US airlines create a lot of value but even the sum of airline brands market value pales in comparison of a technology company to the likes of any member of the FAANG stocks. This is because a member of the FAANG club (e.g., Microsoft) captures a far greater share of value that it creates compared to say for example all the US airlines combined. Ranghan says that he constantly reminds himself and his clients of Einstein’s famous adage that no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created or accepted it. This takes shape in how Rezilyens injects new type of thinking in its customers by helping its customers avoid the trap of building un-differentiated commodity businesses.

Dispelling the Moses Myth

Per Ranghan, most managers of companies harbor a deep, dark secret: focusing on having right answers to wrong questions and thereby virtually guaranteeing near 100 percent failure rates. Innovators betting on “out of the box” thinking or “faster, better, cheaper” innovation paradigms for success all too frequently find themselves— and their customers—disappointed. Asking “how can we build a better mouse?” in an era of touchscreen and haptic virtuosity is not a recipe for success. Therefore, the strategic design and marketing question must shift from “What’s the new value of the innovation?” to “What does our innovation really ask our customers to become?” and, even better, “Who do we want our customers to become?” These questions shift the focus from extracting value from customers to making customers more valuable.

Rezilyens applies intelligence at the intersection of AI sophistication and the empathy of context capturing both imagination and spirit by elevating human experiences in several dimensions. It continuously validates the hypothesis to ensure ‘something better is possible’ so that it inspires the ‘awe’ in the most striking and the most thoughtful design form of tomorrow, today–the ultimate expression of what technology-driven insights (AppIntTM) can do!

"Rezilyens transforms ‘data rich and information poor’ legacy enterprises to ‘data rich and insight rich’ industry leaders enabled by human ingenuity and AppIntTM"

Vendors Don’t Do Wonders. Partners Do.

Rezilyens LLC (subsidiary of Relentless Holdings LLC) is an experiential and personalized “Intelligence-as-a- Service” brand providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services that are high impact and consequential by taking an innovation-led approach to help clients ‘imagine and invent’ business models as it relates to digital disruption, competitive agility, workforce, cost optimization and operational effectiveness.

Know Thyself, Know Thy Purpose

Ranghan quotes that Socrates famously urged us to “know thyself.” He and his wife and business partner Ranjani (Group COO of Relentless Holdings) believe it is also important to “know thy purpose.” It has been extremely important for them to link their organizational insurgent mission to the goal of a larger purpose of playing a key role in making this world Autism free. This dream of an ‘Autism Zero’ world is a result of their son (Rithvik) who was diagnosed with autism in 2004. Rithvik has come a long way since then but both Ranghan and Ranjani say they are blissfully aware of other autistic children in this world who are not as fortunate since they don’t even get the right intervention at the right time. Their non-profit foundation ‘AutismZero’ was born from the dream of a 100 percent Autism free world albeit the immediate goal to support children in every way possible and to that end a percentage of Rezilyens profits will go towards this cause.

- Arijit Sarkar
    December 18, 2018