Reval: Innovating TRM with the Reval Cloud Platform

Jiro Okochi, CEO and Co-Founder, RevalJiro Okochi, CEO and Co-Founder
As the world moves toward understanding the preeminence of technology, businesses in the financial arena are also harnessing the benefits of new age tools and solutions. Reval, a leading global provider of comprehensive and integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) is one in the list of companies that offers customers new age solutions. The firm’s SaaS solution for TRM involves combining cash, liquidity, and financial risk into one easy-to-use platform. This software allows customers to gain total visibility into their financial position in order to manage these factors strategically. As a leader in cloud solutions, Reval’s cloud platform has opened up new options to companies via their all-in-one SaaS TRM. The cloud platform allows firms to transform their organizations for the next generation treasury and risk management.

Based on a single source of code, Reval’s cloud platform creates a strong foundation of integrated treasury management and risk management functionality. The company is also known for designing new packages and services on its scalable cloud platform. The cloud service offering encompasses three packages of the choice depending on what a company is specifically looking for. By using Reval’s cloud pack¬ages, companies receive updates automatically, enabling them to keep up with changing business and regulatory requirements.

Reval is and will remain in front of their competition because of the flexible and unique services they provide. It is the only treasury platform provider that currently offers an integrated solution to the market by partnering with the company, FXall. Reval holds eight additional technology partnerships, lending strength to the services they provide. These partnerships allow clients to execute trades at the best prices. In addition, Reval serves both corporate and bank customers, and their team works closely with their clientele to identify unique requirements for projects in order to create a tailored plan.There are numerouslarge and diverse high-profile companies that are clients of Reval, including Ebay, Cigna, Sidney Airport, Pennon Group, and Coca Cola HBC.

Scenic, a leading luxury travel and tour company, recently selected the Reval Cloud Platform for their TRM. Scenic’s Treasury Manager, Christian Azzopardi said, “With Reval, we are getting everything we have been looking for in a system— quality cash and risk management functionality and connectivity to our bank all on one platform; and we don’t need to have internal IT resources to implement it.”

Reval’s Cloud Platform was a lucrative and successful option for Scenic and many other companies. As a company, Reval focuses on passion for excellence, treasury, risk management, and technology innovations. Led by Jiro Okochi, CEO and Co-founder of Reval, the company introduced their SaaS solution to the market and transitioned from a best-of-breed financial risk management offering to a next generation, all-in-one SaaS for enterprise treasury and risk management.

An appeal of Reval is that it not only offers TRM capabilities, but its workflows extend into bank portals, ERP systems, and trading and investment platforms through Reval’s straight-through processing community of tech partners. For the future, the company plans to continue leading and innovating in the realm of cloud solutions, which will result in clients being continually satisfied with their services.