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Keith Reilly, President, PrintMail SolutionsKeith Reilly, President
Emerging technologies are changing the face of banking today, and in order to stay on par with the growing competition, banks need to be highly efficient, compliant, agile, and secure in delivering value to their customers. However, the exorbitant costs of in-house printing and mailing financial statements become an impediment for banks in enhancing efficiencies and improving their services. What seemed a hurdle for banks became an opportunity for PrintMail Solutions—a Newtown, PA-based company—that offers printing and communications outsourcing solutions to banks and financial institutions.

“Our focus is on supporting banks in creating consumer communications by securely handling transactional account information, organizing it into presentment materials, and delivering it to consumers faster, with greater accuracy and more efficiently than our competition,” says Keith Reilly, president of PrintMail Solutions. Since its genesis 25 years ago, the company has been providing printing and mailing outsourcing solutions by leveraging leading-edge technology to over 350 financial institutions.

PrintMail offers banks the opportunity to take a modern approach to present statements via eStatement, their statement printing outsourcing solution. PrintMail’s eStatement Solution can be integrated into a bank’s online platform easily via a single sign-on and provides presentable and attractive bank statements, notices, and tax forms. “PrintMail streamlines all the documents and also hosts the statements electronically through online banking, and gives customers a smooth and flawless experience,” adds Reilly. With its proprietary platform and infrastructure, the company ensures high speed, error-free and totally secure data management. In addition, they maintain a service-level agreement (SLA) of 99.7 percent on-time delivery rate for their banking clients

Banks and their customers have grown more tech-savvy and demand visual impact and controllability from the digital world.

Nobody understands this better than the PrintMail team; to that end, they have developed the Reinventing Your Service Experience (RYSE) philosophy that underpins the company’s products. “Transform” implies their vision to revamp the visual layout of printed statements. “Connect,” on the other hand, empowers banks with more options to manage their raw data and eStatements. The online digital statement gives consumers 24/7 access to their accounts with the highest adoption and consumer satisfaction rates in the industry.

The key strategic approach that PrintMail applies in meeting the needs of its customers is their team model. “Our model solicits the customer to be part of the team that includes a client manager, support technicians, engineers and analysts from our side to help and support them,” Reilly further adds. This allows PrintMail to build collaboration between its teams and customers.

PrintMail streamlines all the documents and also hosts the statements electronically through online banking integrations, and gives customers a smooth and flawless experience

Furthermore, to help its clients scale and grow, the company invests about 10 percent of its total revenues in R&D every year, for updating and reinventing its products.

Exhibiting PrintMail’s prowess is the story of a large regional bank in the Southeast that was facing challenges with its current print mail provider as the mail delivery time was slow. Also, due to errors in the statements, they were unable to create exceptional experiences for their customers, and this directed them toward PrintMail. With its robust platform, PrintMail onboarded over 50 to 75 unique job applications and empowered the bank to deliver error-free, colorful statements to their customers on time. The bank was also able to drive cost savings and boost their consumers’ experience.

PrintMail continues to be at the forefront of the changing marketing trends through its solutions. Stepping into the future, the company will be focusing on investing in the right people for enabling banks to meet the needs of their customers today as well as in the future. With a keen focus on efficiency, capacity, and scalability, PrintMail will automate all its internal processes. The company will continue to expand its digital product portfolio, comprising eStatements, mobile integration, statement compositions, and online portal.

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PrintMail Solutions

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PrintMail Solutions

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The story of PrintMail is a classic tale of American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 1993, Kevin Reilly saw that advancements in PCs and laser printers, coupled with his knowledge of manufacturing, created an opportunity to offer a more economical approach to statement printing and mailing. Acting on this vision, he founded PrintMail with local medical centers as his earliest clients. PrintMail quickly became known for error-free processing, and soon moved to a larger, fully-secure facility. Today, PrintMail continues this proud tradition of developing industry-leading, innovative solutions. Many of its products and services are the direct result of a response to its clients’ needs. We solve problems most other companies don’t even recognize