Perfios: The Data Management Specialist

V.R.Govindarajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Debasish Chakraborty, Co-Founder & CTO, PerfiosV.R.Govindarajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Debasish Chakraborty, Co-Founder & CTO
As the decade’s massive explosion of data continues unabated, it comes as no surprise that banks and financial institutions are inundated with data from varied sources, both structured and unstructured. Awash with data, legacy data systems clearly cannot handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data flowing in. To further complicate things, the changing consumer behavior and demand, as well as new regulations, are raising the stakes for data management. Managing the growing data and collating the same from different sources in real-time is a tough row to hoe. To overcome these intricacies, financial institutions need a new unified data platform that converges all data into a data fabric and allows them to analyze data with speed, scale, and reliability. Enter Perfios.

A renowned global provider of banking solutions, Perfios addresses all the banking challenges head-on by offering a powerful analytics platform, which can manage both structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources and generate meaningful insights. “Our groundbreaking technology is uniquely positioned to solve various business problems of financial institutions across the BFSI industry,” says V.R.Govindarajan, co-founder and CEO of Perfios.

Perfios’ data platform integrated with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables organizations to process the required data in real-time, perform deep analytics, and create insightful reports to execute various use cases. It also has the capability to extract, curate, clean, and analyze the data in real-time building various domain specific solutions.

The gamut of solutions offered by Perfios includes real-time data analysis and decisioning solutions focused on the areas of credit decisioning and personal finance management (PFM). The key aspect of Perfios’ banking solution is that it can be delivered either as a complete digital solution or as a hybrid solution.

As a digital solution, the data platform can be used for real-time processing of various structured data sources in different standard formats. Through hybrid solutions, financial institutions can process data primarily submitted by applicants in a physical format. Using the analyzed data a comprehensive report is generated for further decisioning, thus providing a superior turnaround time and delightful customer experience.

“Our forte lies in the deep technical expertise combined with a decade of industry experience dedicated to providing solutions that can be used by our B2B customers,” states Govindarajan. Perfios has a strong track record of 10+ years and our solution/product offerings is being used by various FIs for a long time with most stringent SLAs and with *ZERO* incidence of any security/ privacy issues. The INFOSEC practices followed at Perfios is in resonance with the industry best practices and is in compliant with the industry demand.

Perfios product offering is uniquely positioned to solve multiple use cases for businesses in the BFSI industry across different geographies. As an easy to use solution, the Perfios product can be integrated with any existing system at a much lower cost. Leveraging an OPEX based model, the Perfios product offering brings in high process efficiency, accuracy, enhanced customer experience and newer avenues of business opportunity that delivers high ROI for partners.

Along the path of product innovation, Perfios is leveraging new and emerging technologies to build solutions that dramatically change the way financial services and products are delivered to end users. Apart from India, Perfios’ client roster includes some of the leading companies in the APAC region and the Middle East. Pramod Veturi has joined Perfios as the head of International Business, to take care of International Business expansion. “We aim to become a single stop for credit decisioning with a capability to handle and process data starting from KYC to fulfilment and credit monitoring thereafter. Based on our experience this is applicable in all geographies and with the right product mix and understanding of the regulation and local culture (different geographies) we are now able to do it everywhere,” concludes Govindarajan.