Payscout: Incisive Electronic Payment Processing

Cleveland Brown, CEO & Co-Founder, PayscoutCleveland Brown, CEO & Co-Founder
As one of the leading trade associations in the payments industry, the ETA (Electronic Transactions Association) represents around 500 companies that offer “electronic transaction processing” products and services worldwide. Cleveland Brown, the head of ETA’s Sales and Strategy Committee, is responsible for developing effective electronic payments-related business practices and integrating state-of-the-art technologies into ETA’s sales channels. Over the past three years, Brown’s ability to harness cutting-edge technologies and establish global relations with some of the largest merchants in the world has helped Payscout witness an exponential sales growth of nearly 1,078 percent.

Brown laid the foundation of Payscout Ltd. International in 2008 as an eCommerce payment gateway solution provider for banks abroad. Later, in 2011, Brown Co-founded Payscout, Inc. with Payscout’s President and Co- Founder, Manpreet Singh, blending together a complete suite of domestic and global merchant payment solutions. “The technological innovations and regulatory norms associated with the payments industry are changing so rapidly that organizations need to do everything they can to stay informed of these developments,” explains Brown. At Payscout, “This is the ‘inherent value’ that our team intends to add for our clients worldwide.”

With a defined mission “to support the entrepreneurial dream one transaction at a time,” Payscout has rapidly expanded with a triple-digit annual growth and customer focused model that is evolving to stay ahead of the demands of one of the most dynamic markets in the business world—payments. Payscout’s “Go Global Now” technology platform gives merchants instant access to more than 100 countries, billions of consumers, and trillions of dollars. Payscout connects merchants and consumers via credit, debit, ATM, and alternative payment networks as well as offers payment processing solutions for “brick-and-mortar” and ecommerce transactions.

We focus on providing a scalable technology platform to support a full range of e-commerce needs, from enterprise-level corporations to small-to-medium businesses

The company is also one of the few providers to deliver a true global payment solution that encompasses all merchant risk verticals. Customers can access Payscout’s credit card processing services via a state-of-the-art, web-based user portal and through direct interactions with highly-trained experts. In addition to supporting thousands of clients across a multitude of industries and all 50 American states, Payscout maintains global partnerships with VISA USA, Bank of America Merchant Services, VISA Europe, VISA Latin America, VISA Asia Pacific, MasterCard Worldwide, China Union Pay, Deutsche Bank, First Data, and Payscout Brazil.

Payscout has earned a reputation of being a “new-generation” provider of merchant banking services that specializes in online/ecommerce retail with a predominant proportion of CNP (Card-Not-Present) transactions. “Today, there’s a strong demand for fraud management services and CNP transactions,” says Brown. Thereby, “We focus on providing a scalable technology platform to support a full range of e-commerce needs, from enterprise-level corporations to small-to-medium businesses.” Also, Payscout vows to help its customers reach beyond their current footprint with a turnkey approach that enables them to operate in more than 100 countries within as little as a week.

As a result of its position to serve a number of sectors across the globe, Payscout expects to continue growing by capitalizing on the global eCommerce market. Furthermore, the company intends to simplify the merchant and customer experience to ultimately reduce payment costs and improve conversions for global payment acceptance. “Payscout’s growth is also paralleling a rise of millennial entrepreneurs,” says Brown. “Millennial entrepreneurs are a large part of our client base, and Payscout is well-aligned to help transform the entrepreneurial mindset of this demographic into a positive economic force.”