Windfall Introduces New Wealth Screening Capabilities To Supercharge Nonprofit Fundraising And Donor Insights

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Fremont, CA: The wealth management industry has been undergoing a monumental shift over the past few years. A new generation of investors with different preferences and expectations shaped by new technologies has ushered in new changes in terms of how advice and investment products are being delivered.

Windfall Data, the most trusted and accurate provider of wealth intelligence for nonprofits, has declared new capabilities that offer prospect research and development teams additional insights so they can precisely recognize potential individuals that are likely to be high-value donors and constituents.

While wealth screening is essential for any fundraising team, many existing wealth screening solutions on the market provide data that grows stale over time or lacks accuracy. Windfall's approach is unique, giving nonprofits data that is always updated and precise, so nonprofits can recognize, understand as well as engage with the right donors and prospects. Built upon this unique approach,

"Windfall's wealth screening has had a huge impact on our fundraising efforts," remarked David Peterson, Manager of Data and Analytics at the University of Minnesota. "The accuracy and quality of Windfall's data keeps us focused on the right potential donors, and lets us precisely link constituent data across systems and teams. We're excited about Windfall's new enhancements to wealth screening and look forward to our continued partnership with Windfall."

Windfall's wealth intelligence platform operates by securely syncing to an existing CRM or constituent database, providing updated insights and increasing fundraising efficiency. Nonprofits can more efficiently recognize their most impactful donors as well as prospects by providing precise net worth data as well as a plethora of additional wealth and philanthropic data insights.

"We are thrilled to provide these important capabilities for nonprofits across the country," stated Arup Banerjee, CEO & Co-Founder, Windfall. "Our approach to wealth intelligence has always focused on accuracy, which serves as the fundamental foundation for data-driven organizations. With these new offerings, our customers increase the breadth of understanding of constituents that will continue to revolutionize fundraising endeavors and augment machine learning efforts."

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